Abuse of ‘Right Wing’ Journalists is Now Illegal in the UK (Sort Of)

Abuse of ‘Right Wing’ Journalists is Now Illegal in the UK (Sort Of)

According to ‘GB News’’ Anna Riley – who for some reason is writing about herself and has a rather unfortunate proboscis – she got some abuse on email from some stupid bint from the northern British city of Hull, which read:

‘Hi Anna, I feel like comments should be monitored more.

"Now that I have your attention you racist scum bag.

"Why are you attacking [redacted councillor's name?] Is it because she called you out publicly for putting out a very racist piece Anna?

"You dirty racist fat c**, even your alcoholic boyfriend can't stand you because you're a needy fat s** who lives on takeaways. Bunch of nasty racist dirty scumbags. Go kill yourself you racist scumbag.

"I also know you live in the Avenues area of Hull and will share your info via social media if you do not remove your hate filled racist article regarding the wonderful [redacted councillor's name].

"You are clearly a Nazi supporter, nobody gives a f*** about the Nazi/paedo royals apart from white supremacists such as yourselfs at hdf."’

Now while Anna is certainly not a ‘Nazi’ – as one myself her being called one along with the British Royal Family makes me laugh uproariously – she is mildly ‘conservative’ in a time when merely being even remotely ‘conservative’ and/or opposing something that Woke Culture doesn’t like means you are ‘Nazi’ to the zealots of the neo-Maoist cult of Wokery.

This sort of meaningless mindless abuse – hilariously sent from O’Brien’s personal email account with no consideration for basic OpSec – is de rigueur these days for anyone on the right (Anna should see my public inbox) and I am mildly surprised that both Humberside Police and Hull Magistrates' Court actually did something about it.

Well sort of… O’Brien didn’t bother to make it remotely problematic to find her hence it was an easy prosecution to ‘get the numbers up’ and help create a mythic narrative that ‘right-wingers are protected by the police from trolls too’.

The reality is that Riley got lucky that O’Brien is clearly a dumber-than-usual wannabe nigger cum dump as she didn’t even think about legal action let alone charges being laid against her for threats against Riley.

Don’t expect even such light punishments of O’Brien to be the norm in the future however as any kind of ‘right-wing views’ are increasingly viewed as ‘domestic terrorism’ (when they are nothing of the kind) by the State which is why I left Britain and gave up my British citizenship years ago.