Afghan ‘Refugee’ Jailed for Terror Attack in Sweden

Afghan ‘Refugee’ Jailed for Terror Attack in Sweden

‘Euronews’ has helpfully updated us on a recent terror attack in Sweden from March 2021 that unsurprisingly barely even made a scratch on the mainstream news cycle. This is probably because the attacker was an Afghan ‘refugee’ named Tamim Sultani – another one of Mama Merkel’s wunderkinder – and there has been a strong attempt to ‘explain’ the attack in some other words as an Islamic shitskin showing his true colours.

‘Euronews’ writes that:

‘A 22-year-old man has been sentenced to life in prison for stabbing             several people in Sweden earlier this year.

Tamim Sultani, an Afghan asylum-seeker, stabbed and injured                 pedestrians in the southern town of Vetlanda in March. He was shot by police and arrested after an eighteen-minute rampage.

Investigators had dismissed terrorism as a motive and only charged him with seven cases of attempted murder.

Sultani was convicted of the charges by Eksjö District Court on Wednesday and sentenced to life imprisonment. The court added that the man would be deported to Afghanistan after serving his jail time.

The life sentence, which doesn't have a fixed time, is the most severe             punishment in Sweden.

Sultani had attacked seven men in the small town of Vetlanda on March 3, armed with a 22-centimetre blade.

Three of the victims survived life-threatening injuries and two were             seriously injured, while two others were moderately injured.

The attack took place at several locations in the town near Gothenburg, including a grocery store and travel agents. Sultani was shot in the leg by police at the scene and was arrested outside a school.

In its verdict, the court said that the 22-year-old had used a kitchen knife from his apartment "because he was so upset" about something                     blasphemous.

There was no indication that Sultani had planned to injure to kill the seven victims, the court said.

But the district court said there was a "concrete danger" that those               attacked would die, as Sultani had stabbed near their "vital organs".

It has been revealed that the Afghan national had sought asylum in             Sweden in 2016.

During his trial, Sultani said he had failed to find a job and only managed to work in various internships. When his temporary residence permit expired, he was no longer allowed to study or work in the country.

In November 2020, he had applied for a renewal of his temporary permit and the immigration authorities haven't yet taken a decision.

Sultani also claimed he twice attempted to commit suicide a week before the knife attack and could not remember stabbing some of his victims.

But a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation concluded that he was not mentally disturbed at the time of the attack and was fit for a prison             sentence.’

So basically Sultani was ‘so upset about something blasphemous’ (aka he was and is an ardent and observant Muslim who carried out the attack on motives related to Islam) and went on a stabbing spree in multiple different places in the Swedish town of Vetlanda but he the Swedish authorities have unilaterally decided that he ‘really didn’t mean’ to kill anyone because he ‘didn’t stab near vital organs’ (aka if I stab you in the chest but don’t hit an organ then I am not in fact trying to murder you) and thus wasn’t an Islamic terrorist.

Despite the fact that it being blatantly obvious Sultani is exactly that and didn’t even manage to convince the sympathetic Swedish authorities that he was mentally disturbed nor provided any evidence to them that he was actually suicidal prior to the attack.

If a Swede had stabbed a bunch of Afghan ‘refugees’ in Sweden, we would never hear the end of the media bleating about ‘right-wing extremism’ and ‘domestic terrorism’ combined with demands to lock up anyone critical of Islam (unless they are jewish). This is the inevitable result of the jewish plan to replace Aryans with shitskins across every single European, North American and Oceanic homeland and it will continue to happen more and more frequently with the traitors and jews in the media trying desperately to cover it up and ‘explain’ it to ever more angry Aryans.

This is how the Fourth Reich begins...