Afghanistan has Fallen

Afghanistan has Fallen

I recently predicted that all things being equal – aka no significant military intervention from the West, Russia and/or China - that the Taliban would be victorious in their ongoing struggle against the Afghanistan government and its security forces.

It is thus gratifying to be proven correct in my analysis of the situation after a week of repeated successful operations by the Taliban to seize the all-importantregio nal capitals of Afghanistan with the most recent to fall being the second and third city of Afghanistan (Kandahar and Ghazni respectively) and then the capital Kabul as well as targeted assassinations against the Afghan air force with the predictable massacres of Afghan security personnel and politicians as well as journalistsand radio personalities.

With the Taliban in apparent control – according to Russia anyway – of a large amount of the country’s borders and the fact that even the United States is scrambling to evacuate all non-essential personnel from the country having brought some of its air power into play to try (and then fail) to halt the Taliban rout of the Afghan government’s forces and redeploying three thousand US troops into Kabul to ‘help evacuate’ (aka prevent the Taliban from taking it) along with 600 troops from the UK and Canadian special forces personnel (it is believed US and UK special forces are already present).

Despite the bellicose language from the UKand the US; there appears to be little desire to prop up what is left of the ailing regime in Kabul after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on 15thAugust claiming to be doing so to ‘prevent bloodshed’ and the leftist mainstream media has been instead been trying to blamethe military failure of the Afghan government on former US President Donald Trump.

Naturally the attempts by the alliance of leftists, liberals and neo-cons to spill Aryan blood to defend a people who apparently don’t even want to defend themselves have largely fall on deaf ears, but this hasn’t stopped the leftist mainstream media from pushing ‘human interest stories’ (aka atrocity propaganda) to push forward the tangential LibLabCon objective of total white genocide by ethnic displacement by demanding the mass importation of Afghans under the guise of ‘protecting interpreters’ as again I predicted some weeks ago.

Canada is pushing to take ‘up to’ 20,000 Afghans – amazing how money can be found to import shitskins but not to help actual Canadians in the middle of a global pandemic: huh? – with similar programmes being pushed without any limit in the UK, the US and rather surprisingly Albania, while only Denmark in Europe has taken any more Afghans in.

This is also seen in the fact that we’ve had Afghans in Australia go for emergency medical treatment and then try to import their whole family and now Germany and the Netherlands among others have stopped deportations of Afghan failed asylum seekers and criminals back to the country despite the fact that these individuals have already forfeited their so-called ‘legal right’ to claim sanctuary by either being an economic migrant in disguise and/or a convicted criminal.

Now you might say: well a few thousand is ‘not too many’ but yet this is just the tip of the iceberg with a potential 2.9 million Afghans who already ‘internally displaced’ within Afghanistan ready and desperate to ‘start a new life’ (and then get dissatisfied the streets aren’t paved with free gold and start stabbing people for ‘insulting Islam’) in addition to the 2.6 million Afghan ‘refugees’ who are already in other countries (primarily in Turkey, Europe and North America). This would more than double the number of Afghan shitskins… sorry ‘refugees’… who are consuming resources provided gratis by taxpayers across Aryan lands as well as occasionally engaging in terrorist attacks in Germany, Sweden, Austria and other countries.

To get some idea of how bad this all is one but need look at the mainstream media’s atrocity propaganda against the US ‘evacuation’ about how all of a sudden thousands upon thousands of young fit and healthy Afghan men have decided they ‘fear’ the Taliban and want to ‘go to America’ (and the West in general).

This is obvious bullshit because these fit and healthy young men didn’t say: give me a gun and I will defend myself, my wife and my children and fight the Taliban. Oh no; they sat around and waited for other people to fight and die for them and when that failed, they saw it as the opportunity of a lifetime to become an economic migrant to America, start a new life and fuck the women and children: right?

This is what the mainstream media and the globalist political class across the Aryan world won’t tell you: these aren’t women and children (they are staying behind apparently) but rather young men who want to go to the West for economic reasons and also perceived sexual liberty.

After all who can forget the famous ‘sexual emergency’?

The reason that the Western militaries haven’t scooped these cowardly shitskins up is not because they didn’t want to – there is clearly a political will to do so in Canada, the UK and the US – but because they simply don’t have the capacity or time to do so nor do they want to run the risk of provoking the Aryans of Europe and triggering Civil War 2 by setting off another tidal wave of refugees like that which occurred in 2015 and the results of which are witnessed in the daily stabbings, rapes, assaults and thefts that have resulted from introducing sub-humans to human society.

It is not war that is the problem here – war is in fact a good and necessary thing as Thomas Piketty pointed out in his ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ – but rather that war pointlessly carried out and then withdrawn from as in Afghanistan results in unstable countries/regions and also in large numbers of so-called ‘refugees’ – who are in reality economic migrants – that in turn creates further weight on the taxpayers in Aryan countries (whose governments inevitably take in the so-called ‘refugees’) and also further the process of outbreeding and thus replacing Aryans in their own lands (aka White Genocide).

The problem then is not Afghanistan per se but rather the conduct of the white-hating governments, elites and media ideologues of the West because they get us into war at the behest of Israel – because so many of them just so happen to be jewish purely by accident of course – then sacrifice Aryan blood and treasure in pursuit of Israel’s foreign policy objectives then suddenly completely pull out and trigger a potentially massive fresh tidal wave of so-called ‘refugees’ from Afghanistan into the West further exacerbating the low-key race war going on in Aryan lands at the moment.

Therefore, we can see that our real enemy is not the Taliban – although to be sure they deserve to be bombed into oblivion and then having their bones ground to dust – but rather the disproportionately jewish elites and system apparatchiks in Aryan lands.

We can only regain our place on the world stage and also not sacrifice Aryan blood and treasure in vain once we have an Aryan government that puts Aryans first. That government can only be National Socialist because only National Socialism puts Aryans first.

Accept no substitutes.