American Airlines Fined for Causing ‘Emotional Suffering’ to Kikes due to a Lack of Kosher Food on Flights

American Airlines Fined for Causing ‘Emotional Suffering’ to Kikes due to a Lack of Kosher Food on Flights

According to Josh Kaplan writing in ‘The Jewish Chronicle’ a Brazilian Judge has ruled that kike feelings are above the realities of the current supply chain crisis around the world and even the laws of kashruth themselves.

He explains how:

‘American Airlines has been fined thousands of dollars after failing to serve Kosher meals to orthodox passengers on a number of long-distance flights.

A court in Brazil found that the airline caused 'emotional suffering' to the orthodox passengers, who had to fast for the duration of their journeys. The court found American Airlines responsible and fined the company 16,000 Brazilian reals, equivalent to around £2000.

The two passengers that brought the claims against the airline were flying long-distance from Sao Paulo to New York and Chicago to London and both went without food for over 9 hours on the journeys.

José Marcos Marrone, the judge in the case, said that beyond reneging on a contractual obligation to provide the meals, American Airlines had inflicted emotional damage on the passengers by serving food to everyone else on the flights.

According to the JTA, Airlines are not legally obligated to provide food of any kind in the United States or Brazil, but can be brought to court over failure to provide services that had been pre-agreed.’

We further learn from ‘Jewish News’ that:

‘One of the passengers had gone without food for 10 hours from New York to São Paulo. The other fasted for a total of nine hours on two flights, first from Madrid to Philadelphia and then again from Chicago to London, the Brazilian law news site ConJur reported Wednesday.’

Judge José Marcos Marrone’s ruling is based on a technicality with a relatively small fine – i.e. the jews ‘booked’ the kosher meal so it should have been provided – but this isn’t an uncommon situation on flights. So, while it is true per se; what Marrone probably doesn’t realise (or didn’t care to find out) is that jews are permitted by kashruth law to eat vegetarian food and there is no real basis in kashruth to claim that they cannot eat such (such regulations as exist basically require all the salad items to be properly washed and inspected to make sure there aren’t any insects on them).

Thus, there is absolutely no reason a bunch of Orthodox kikes on American Airlines flights couldn’t have eaten a vegetarian meal – of which there are usually one or two extra just in case on flights – or simply made do with a continental breakfast tray or some such which again has nothing in it that is non-kosher.

The only reason these Orthodox kikes refused these potential substitutes – and I note the reports clearly state they only wanted sealed kosher meals not that they weren’t offered de facto kosher alternatives (such as salad, fruit and so on) – is because they were adhering to the ridiculous ‘kosher’ standards promoted by the Kosher Certification Industry (who also ‘certify’ everything from clothes to shampoo) and the creation of a sort of ‘super-kashruth’ aka ‘Glatt Kosher’.

If Marrone had bothered to look into the matter beyond more than a cursory glance, then he would have realized that these Orthodox kikes were bullshitting both him and American Airlines. Further we should note that the kike who had taken two flights over the course of nine hours and ‘had to fast’ is clearly lying.


Well think about it.

He is basically claiming that in at least two international airports he went through that there was absolutely no fresh or pre-packaged kosher certified food he could have bought which is just not true given how prevalent kosher certification is in the food and beverage industry.

This is what I mean my friends when I talk about how the jew lies as reflexively as he breathes and that you should never taken the word of any jew for anything and when a jew speaks you must assume that it is a lie until proven otherwise.