Andrew Dymock and the Invasion of the Degenerate Edgelords

Andrew Dymock and the Invasion of the Degenerate Edgelords

Andrew Dymock – apparently a former leader and founder of the ‘Sonnenkrieg Division’ - which is about as National Socialist as the UK Labour Party is Orthodox Marxist – was recently convicted on fifteen counts of various ‘criminal’ offences and as they are instructive I reproduce them here:

  • Five counts of encouraging terrorism
  • Four of disseminating terrorist publications
  • Two of terrorist fundraising
  • One of possessing material useful to a terrorist
  • One of possessing racially inflammatory material
  • One of stirring up racial hatred
  • One of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation

Now of these ‘encouraging terrorism’, ‘disseminating terrorist publications’ and ‘terrorist fundraising’ are easily the most serious and in the first case I am guessing true and in the second likely dubious. Since what on earth is a ‘terrorist publication’ and why isn’t – for example – practically anything that mentions or explicitly advocates for genocide – such as Qu’ran or even the Bible – treated the same way?

Thirdly charging him with ‘terrorist fundraising’ also seems to be a catch-all dubious charge to lengthen the charge sheet so ‘they’ll get him on something’ – a fairly standard if little known police practice – but in practice means he received and/or donated money for some act or publication which has ex post facto been declared ‘terrorist’.

‘Possessing material useful to a terrorist’ is another catch-all as it has recently been successfully used to mean just owning – with no evidence of intended use – a perfectly legal knife-fighting manual while the charge of ‘possessing racially inflammatory material’ is pure thoughtcrime and the two ‘stirring up hatred’ charges are just catch-alls for anyone saying anything the system doesn’t like.

That all being said I don’t think Dymock has actually been railroaded here per se – although there will be plenty of people who will claim he was ‘set up’ just because he was prosecuted by the system on in some instances dubious catch-all charges – but rather Dymock is just a symptom of the greater issue of Edgelords and their histrionics.

We can see this when we both to look at the details of Dymock’s doxing by the BBC of all people – no this wasn’t the intelligence services or the police but rather Britain’s state broadcast services who while leftist activists in the main are not known for their technological skills nor internet knowledge – which is that he was exposed because:

·       He talked about shopping at Morrisons (which he lived next to and a good geo-location marker)

·       He boasted about how his parents ‘paid for everything’ as well as the kind of place they were from (which gave details as to where he would likely be from)

·       He specified when he tried to travel to the United States to meet members of Atomwaffen (giving a field of potential candidates to narrow and also giving the police ‘reasonable cause’ to suspect he was/is a literal terrorist given Atomwaffen were keen on LARPing about blowing up electricity grids and power stations)

·       He specifically mentioned which part of the UK he was from (the West Country)

·       Then he posted several photos of his rainbow-patterned bedsheets (complete with himself and also with a ‘neo-Nazi book’)

So basically, Dymock was not only categorically an idiot – posting about terrorism, associating with those easily seen as ‘foreign terrorists’ but also practically giving his location and likely identity away – but also a typical Edgelord.

What do I mean by ‘Edgelord’?

The term describes a very particular type of mentality – usually fostered by the seeming security of the internet but it has plenty of real-life precursors from both the left as well as the right – where individuals and groups engage in publicly positioning themselves more and more extreme ideologically without any actual motivation beyond ‘looking harder line’ than others in their immediate group with this often bleeding over into openly advocating such things as terrorism but importantly without any real intention of doing any such thing.

In other words: despite their extreme rhetoric the Edgelord is merely talking a big game, and their actions will never match the scale of their rhetoric nor probably even be attempted in the first place. This ‘rush to the extreme’ purely for the sake of posturing and internet brownie points also leads to even more transgressive mindsets being allowed a voice in the group’s conversation and is the ideal vehicle for old school entryism.

The radical right has historically had a problem with entryism from the ‘Socialism over Nationalism’ crowd (aka Strasserism) – the engineered split between the National Front and the British Nationalist Party in 1983 was a classic example of just this – as well as with other socially and religiously transgressive ideas such as so-called ‘Satanism’. The radical left has much the same problem historically and currently but with Trotskyites and Paedophiles as well as increasingly Muslims.

Dymock’s break with his former group ‘System Resistance Networkwas explicitly over his championing of so-called ‘Satanism’ – created by Anton LaVey who was jewish I might add - as well as I assume his advocacy of decreasing the age of sexual consent in the UK to twelve – I mean who in their right mind wants to have sex with a twelve year old? – and such vile things as Dymock’s posting photos of a girl in his bedroom – remember those rather unique rainbow bedsheets? Well, they made another appearance – with swastikas carved into her butt.

This is classic Edgelord behaviour as what person in their right mind would do such horrific shit and not only that but post photos of his abuse and treat it as a trophy in the same way a serial killer might.

What is the best bit in this disgusting display of degeneracy?

It turns out that Dymock was supposedly ‘bi-sexual’ all along – it makes sense of why someone who claims to be militantly straight would have rainbow bedsheets in the first place – but that he also prefers to have sexual intercourse with men (apparently he is experienced in sodomy as well as sadism) and ‘is opposed to homophobia’.

This is the problem with Edgelords – another being Benjamin Hannam formerly of ‘National Action’ who it turns out actually had a non-White Muslim girlfriend – in that they spew extreme rhetoric but when it comes to their actual lives they are simply not congruent with their beliefs or seeking to cover up some obvious blemish they aren’t proud of – such as Dymock’s sodomy and Hamman’s love of hijab-wearing pussy – with their extremism.

When someone is extreme for no reason and advocates such abhorrent stuff as paedophilia, rape as a weapon of political terror or having sexual intercourses with jewesses – yes, I’ve heard that one before – let alone literal terrorism then quite frankly they need to ejected post haste from any Nationalist or National Socialist community as well as preferably tarred and feathered before they get a jackboot up the ass.