Angela Merkel being Sued for Political Corruption by the AfD

Angela Merkel being Sued for Political Corruption by the AfD

A reader has highlighted to me that according to ‘Focus’ the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has gotten herself into some legal hot water after seemingly using her connections with the German Federal Constitutional Court to get the election of the classic liberal ‘Free Democratic Party’ candidate Thomas Kemmerich to the governorship of the German state of Thuringia with a voting alliance of Merkel’s own ‘Christian Democratic Union’ (CDU) with the ‘Free Democratic Party’ (FDP) and – the vaguely right-wing – ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AfD) party.

‘Focus’ writes that:

‘Less than two weeks before the hearing of the Federal Constitutional Court on statements by Angela Merkel (CDU) on the Thuringian election, the complaining AfD submitted a petition for bias against the responsible judge. The reason for this is the reception of judges from the First and Second Senate for the annual dinner in the Federal Chancellery, which took place on June 30th. Judge Doris König and other members of the Second Senate, who are to judge the statements on July 21, were also present.

The fact that the members of the court "meet with the defendant at their invitation and actually at their expense for dinner raises the question of whether they can continue to be viewed as impartial in these proceedings," said the AfD federal board. A court spokesman in Karlsruhe confirmed on Friday that a rejection request had been received and that the upcoming hearing had not been discussed at the appointment.

On July 1, the Constitutional Court announced that a delegation headed by its President Stephan Harbarth and Vice-President König had been to a meeting with members of the government in Berlin the day before.               Harbarth himself has been a CDU member since 1993, was the party's federal executive and sat for the CDU as a member of the Bundestag for many years. The joint dinner in the Chancellery continues "a tradition that has existed for many years".

For July 21, the Second Senate, headed by König, has scheduled a             negotiation on two organ charges by the AfD against the Chancellor and the Federal Government. The background is the surprising election of the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich with votes from AfD, CDU and FDP as head of government in Thuringia on February 5, 2020. The judges want to deal with the fact that Merkel will be on February 6, 2020 at a state             reception in South Africa had described the events of the Kemmerich election as "unforgivable", the result must be "reversed".’

Now it is fairly obvious based on this report that Merkel is in potential hot water because she explicitly stated on 6th February 2020 that Kemmerich’s election was ‘unforgivable’ and needed to be ‘reversed’. Then on 30th June 2021 Merkel met the very judges who are going to decide in July 2021 on the anti-Kemmerich shrieking and politicking of Merkel’s government – because how dare anyone ally with the milquetoast AfD - in a ‘joint dinner at the Chancellery’ which obviously raises major questions of corruption and influence-peddling rather than an – at least superficially free – judgement by the Federal Constitutional Court.

This is another clear case of why so-called ‘democracy’ does not exist in Germany and why the present Merkel government is both illegitimate and anti-democratic.