Are Karens Our Mothers?

Are Karens Our Mothers?

The ‘Karen’ meme relies on the archetype of the angry meddling dissatisfied older woman and revolves around the belief that ‘the customer is always right’ and/or that ‘they are always right’. It has been argued that ‘Karens’ are really ‘our mothers’ and while there is broad truth in the idea that older women – usually mothers pre-teen/teenage children – act as ‘enforcers’ within society. This doesn’t tell the whole story since the ‘Karen’ meme is increasingly weaponized against Europeans by locating ‘Karens’ as specifically white and more importantly irrationally racist towards the ‘hard-working non-white’ corporate representatives/part-time labour.

If you don’t believe me go on Reddit or YouTube and read/listen to these ‘Karen’ meme stories where you’ll routinely hear the protagonist described as a non-white and the ‘Karen’ described as not only white but… horror of horrors… a white ‘racist’. This is a representation of the zeitgeist of our times when being a ‘racist’ is equivalent of being a ‘witch’ in seventeenth century Europe and being a ‘Nazi’ is the equivalent of being a ‘devil worshipper’ in medieval Europe.

What this zeitgeist concerning ‘white racist Karens’ does is position non-whites in the character of the eternal innocent victim of the ‘evil white racist’ and puts white people as a group in the role of the eternal ‘evil racist persecutor’ of the innocent hard-working ‘non-white’. This is clearly a continuation of the left-wing narrative that was being pushed as early as the late nineteenth century where-by the peoples of Europe were viewed as being ‘evil colonialists’ who were ‘suppressing and destroying’ the culture and society of the non-Whites as well as subjecting them to ‘genocide’ at different times.

This forgets the fact that the ‘evil white people’ were suppressing such horrors as the practice of suttee in India (i.e. immolating the wife of a deceased man alive at his funeral), mass human sacrifice in Central and South America and slavery in both Africa and the Islamic Near East. Instead of thanking the ‘evil white people’ non-whites bitch and moan about how ‘evil’ it was that the ‘colonialist oppressors’ suppress their ‘native customs’ of eating, owning and torturing each other.

This is the piece of truth behind the ‘Karen’ meme in that European peoples did ‘take offence’ at such practices and made a point of ‘calling the manager’ to ‘fire’ these practices so-to-speak. As well as that it was the ‘Karens’ who made sure their neighbours weren’t spreading ‘defeatist sentiments’, ‘enemy propaganda’ or ‘spying for the enemy’ during the First and Second World Wars. They are also the type of women who made sure their daughters weren’t out, acting like men and boasting about their ‘WAP’ as Cardi B has been happy to do recently.

Thus ‘Karens’ aren’t necessarily a god-awful thing rather they have evolved their ‘policing’ not from its traditional ground of ideology and morality to corporate customer service policy. This is hardly surprising in our world that is increasingly comprised of a bunch of atomised individuals that flit between the product and service offerings of competing corporations.

Yet this has been turned on its head by the ‘Karen’ meme with this ‘policing’ turned from a virtue to a vice. In this topsy-turvy world the ‘Karen’ is seen as ‘evil racist white’ – irrespective of her being a woman contrary to the claims of the existence of a ‘Universal Sisterhood’ made by people like Rollo Tomassi – who is violating the liberties of the innocent non-white. Thus pushing the idea that firstly white people are perpetually racist, secondly non-white people are perpetually innocent victims of racism and thirdly that white women are not in fact a victim class but are rather the persecutors of non-whites generally.

Now add to that the fact that non-white women – as shoppers or otherwise – are as bad if not worse than white women (as you can ascertain by actually going to shopping malls in China or even wandering about the famous ‘Harrods’ store in London so patronized by Chinese and Middle Eastern women) but yet we don’t see the same negative narrative about them and they are also not generally thought of as part of the ‘Karen’ meme with occasional exceptions. And woe betide you if you bring up the nasty attitude of black women towards practically everything… even black men.

Yet ‘Karens’ are conceived of almost exclusively as ‘racist white women’ not as just overly-demanding and ridiculous female shoppers in the same way that Karen’s male equivalent – the ‘Richard’ – is conceived of as a ‘racist white man’. In direct contradiction to the reality on the ground where non-whites tend to act more like a ‘Karen’ or ‘Richard’ than any white does.

We can therefore see that the ‘Karen’ meme has been weaponized against Europeans by people who – in many ways – are acting as classic ideological and morality-focused ‘Karens’ and pushing their narrative by distorting reality by the use of the ‘Karen’ meme.

In other words; the real ‘Karens’ are the ones pushing the idea of the ‘Karen’ being ‘evil white racist woman’ rather than the overly-demanding and ridiculous women trying to enforce corporate customer service policies on the corporate drones and sales staff they famously interact with.