Aryan Policeman Killed by Marauding Shitskins in Sweden

Aryan Policeman Killed by Marauding Shitskins in Sweden

According to ‘Dagens Nyheter’ a thirty-three year old Aryan police officer has been shot to death in the Biskopsgården district of the Swedish city of Gothenburg while out on patrol. Despite the typical crocodile tears from Swedish politicians and the institution of a minute’s silence ‘in honour’ of the fallen officer.

What the Swedish government and its various and vile collaborators in the media do not want to talk about is that Biskopsgården is not populated by Swedes any more but by random shitskins from every corner of the planet who have been drawn to Sweden by both its generous government assistance policies and also by its famously gorgeous Nordic women.

In other words; this murder of a police officer - who was apparently a rookie who thought Swedish law should apply to shitskins too – was almost certainly committed by non-Aryan non-Swedish immigrants and while the media globally has been keen to push the ‘gang violence-related accident’ angle. The racial element to this killing has been studiously ignored and downplayed.

After all who are the ‘gangs’?

Non-Aryan non-Swedish immigrants likely on government assistance.

Who is the victim: an Aryan Swede?

What do these non-Aryan non-Swedish immigrant ‘gangs’ keep doing in Gothenburg?

Randomly shooting Aryan and Aryan-looking Swedes such as in the Vår bar shooting of 2015 while also being directly responsible for the rising tide of gun violence in Gothenburg.

This poor-deluded Aryan Swede joined the police force to make a difference and then made the fatal assumption that non-Aryan immigrants were just misjudged economically disadvantaged people who just so happened to be born in a different country.

How wrong he was and to his infinite cost.

While our thoughts are with his family, we cannot but remind our readers that this is the reality on the ground folks: we are in a Race War.