Ba’athist Syria Executes Arsonists Causing Wildfires

Ba’athist Syria Executes Arsonists Causing Wildfires

According to the ‘Times of Israel’ Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has taken decisive action to deal with a spate of wildfires that have significantly added to the plight of the war-ravaged country.

They write how:

‘Syria has executed 24 people after convicting them on terrorism charges for igniting last year’s devastating wildfires, which left three people dead and burned thousands of hectares of forests, the Syrian Justice Ministry said Thursday.

The publicized executions of a large group of people are rare in war-torn Syria, where a decade-old conflict has left hundreds of thousands dead and displaced half the country’s population, including 5 million refugees             outside the country.

Wildfires broke out in several Middle Eastern countries in October 2020 amid a heat wave that was unusual for that time of the year, leaving Syria particularly hard-hit. Three people were killed in the blazes, which also burned wide areas of forests, mostly in government-controlled regions of Latakia and the central province of Homs.

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s hometown of Qardaha in Latakia               province was hard hit by the fires, which heavily damaged a building used as storage for the state-owned tobacco company, part of which collapsed. Assad made a rare visit to the region shortly after the fire was brought under control.

A statement issued by the Justice Ministry Thursday said those executed a day earlier were “criminals who carried out terrorist attacks that led to deaths and damage to state infrastructure and public and private               property through the use of flammable material.” It said 11 others were sentenced to life in prison in the same case.

Nine others, including five juveniles, received prison sentences. The prison sentences for the juveniles ranged between 10 to 12 years, the Justice Ministry said.

The statement did not provide further details on the circumstances of the executions or how they took place. For civilians, the death penalty in Syria is usually carried out by hanging. Syrian laws allow for the death penalty for offenses including terrorism, espionage, treason, arson and army desertion.’

Basically, both the ‘Times of Israel’ and the ‘Jerusalem Post’ are upset that Bashar al-Assad and his government in Syria are decisively dealing with a problem which potentially weakens the already devastated country even more.

Naturally enough both the ‘Times of Israel’ and the ‘Jerusalem Post’ want a weak Syria which cannot stand up to Israel and which in turn would then be ripe for another round of so-called ‘Regime Change’ using the catspaw of Salafi Islamists and Islamic State to achieve said goal in the same way that Mossad famously used Hamas to undermine and split up the then more dangerous PLO of Yasser Arafat.

In a National Socialist run United States then there would similarly be no problem with such man-made wildfires that currently plague the West Coast states of California, Oregon and Washington, because there would be unpleasant consequences for individuals engaging in such economic and environmental sabotage against the state.

Our current society pointedly fails to deal with these problems and sweeps them under the rug to hide them from view. The reality is of course that National Socialists do not.

We deal decisively with them and as Ba’athism – the official ideology of the Syrian government – is derived directly from National Socialism. It is thus no surprise that the Syrian government also takes decisive action to deal with such problems as well.