Biden’s Jewish Former Kung Flu Advisor Tells You to ‘Sacrifice More’

Biden’s Jewish Former Kung Flu Advisor Tells You to ‘Sacrifice More’

Andy Slavitt – Joe Biden’s former Advisor on the current Pandemic and also you guessed it a jew – has done what jewish former apparatchiks do after taking home their last heavily-padded government checks: they write a book about how it was all the fault of non-jews and how ‘the goyim could have sacrificed more’ – presumably so Slavitt can afford that extra square footage for his new retirement property in Florida – for billionaires, bankers and the beached whales lecturing you on your ‘thin privilege’ before scoffing another box of Krispy Kremes.

He told CBS’ ‘This Morning’ show on Monday that:

‘“We all need to look at one another and ask ourselves what we need to do better next time, and in many respects being able to sacrifice a little bit for one another to get through this and save more lives is going to be essential and that’s something that I think we all could have done better on.’

This is the typical tone-deaf rhetorical bullshit that one repeated hears from jews and their enablers forgetting (or simply not caring because… well… goyim) that some 22.2 million Americans (read non-Jews) lost their jobs last year, 43 percent of small businesses (aka not owned by jews) in the United States feared for their existence (while 20,000 have actually gone out of business permanently as of April this year) and this is the same fat and entitled little circumcised twerp who claimed in late July 2020 that a complete lockdown and almost complete cessation of normal economic and social activity.

Yet this jew has the absolute gall to claim that the ‘goyim didn’t sacrifice enough’.

And yet jews tell us that anti-Semitism has ‘nothing to do with jews’ and then they do this?

Pull the other one Shlomo!