Bikini-Clad She-Ape Attacks Woman with a Meat Cleaver in the UK

Bikini-Clad She-Ape Attacks Woman with a Meat Cleaver in the UK

According to the journalists Sofie Jackson and Jordan Coussins in the ‘Daily Star’; a bikini-clad negress named Karlene Muschette attacked another woman at a pub in the city of Wolverhampton in the UK.

They describe how:

‘A shocking video shows the moment a beached-themed party was thrown into chaos as a woman in a bikini battered another lass with a meat cleaver.

In the clip, filmed at the Dog and Partridge pub in Bilston, Wolverhampton, Karlene Muschette fractured her 34-year-old victim's skull.

Moments before, an argument breaks out between two groups of revelers following a row between Muschette and the woman.

Ice and water bottles were then thrown before the situation escalates and Muschette runs towards the woman who shouts: "Leave me alone."

A fight between the two women breaks out people gather around them in shock.

During the fracas, Muschette appears to be hitting the other woman with the meat cleaver before the crowd disperses.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard that the pair had been involved in an online feud for some time before the party on July 13, 2019, BirminghamLive reports.

Muschette, of Hartill Street, Willenhall, claimed the attack was in response to ongoing harassment over social media.’

This is the future of the UK as it currently stands; humanoid simians battering and slicing each other with meat cleavers, axes, knives and machetes. Despite what the Judeo-Pajeet ‘British’ government wants to claim; the problem is not ‘knife-crime’ – after all knives are even more necessary and just as dangerous as forks but we don’t hear of random attackers wielding forks or even pitch forks these days – but rather niggers.

If the ‘British’ government deported all the niggers – or even just all the sub-humans that are clogging up the country’s prison system – then there would be a massive drop in crime and the streets might be safer to walk once again.

But oh no… we can’t do that…that is ‘racist’: right?