Bill Gates: The Degenerate Autistic Playboy is Going Down

Bill Gates: The Degenerate Autistic Playboy is Going Down

According to a detailed expose of tech billionaire and professional do-gooder Bill Gates by the journalist Melkorka Licea and published by ‘Business Insider’ in the wake of the announcement of the beginning of Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce proceedings. The tech billionaire and ardent proponent of invasive anti-privacy technology as well as replacing Aryans with cheap Third World Immigrants – who also is famous for being opposed to Anti-Trust Legislation - is now increasingly being seen around the world for what he is: a hypocritical degenerate autistic playboy with more than a touch of megalomania.

Licea describes how:

‘During Microsoft's early days in the late 80's and early 90's, Bill Gates had a propensity for partying, insiders said.

On more than one occasion, during nights he wasn't working his usual 17-hour days, he invited friends and dancers from local all-nude nightclubs to swim naked at his Laurelhurst bachelor pad overlooking Lake Washington, James Wallace, who wrote two biographies on Gates, said.

"Gates himself rounded up the girls and brought them over there," Wallace said. "I don't know if he physically transported them or if he just told them where to show up."’

Now all this isn’t a sin per se and is par for the course among the socio-economic elite who enjoy using their wealth and social status to have intercourse with as many women as possible while trying to emulate Genghis Khan. Where the problem lies is that Bill Gates is an ardent ideological supporter of feminism - I am guessing fiscally entitled women is more pussy for him in his mind? – as well as a major donor to feminist organizations and initiatives.

Nor did Gates’ playboy behaviour stop in the 1990s as he had an affair with a female Microsoft employee in 2000, repeatedly had ‘ex-girlfriends’ over and went on holiday with them and that as recently as 2019 he had been sexually propositioning another female Microsoft staff member.

Now none of this is illegal or even particularly reprehensible as this stuff happens and is the nature of men with options – especially men with power and influence – despite the various moralistic condemnations that could (and have been) offered. Nor are the women involved non-actors in this despite the implicit lack of agency applied to them – isn’t that a touch misogynistic? – by both Bill’s friends and enemies in the media.

What is reprehensible in this is Gates’ lack of congruency and simple dishonesty in promoting and funding so destructive a movement as feminism meanwhile behaving as the epitome of everything feminism is supposed to be against. Nor is this kind of behaviour that unusual for a left-wing ‘one-worlder’ type given the 2013 Rape Crisis that all but destroyed the ‘Socialist Workers Party’ in the UK and similar situations in the ‘Socialist Alliance’ of Australia and the ‘Democratic Socialists of America’ in recent years.

In essence: Bill Gates is nothing other than a hypocritical degenerate autistic playboy – who while whining about ‘racial injustice’, ‘global warming’ and ‘women’s rights’ – is busy sexually molesting strippers as well as Sally from Sales.

Bill Gates isn’t part of the Solution; he is part of the Problem.