Black Man goes on Attempted Killing Spree of White Men in Alabama and Georgia

Black Man goes on Attempted Killing Spree of White Men in Alabama and Georgia

According to ‘Yahoo! News’ a 39-year-old nigger surnamed Roberts decided to drive around the states of Alabama and Georgia and try and kill ‘white males’ especially ‘military-looking white males’. The fact that he failed to actually kill anyone isn’t too surprising as niggers are not known for their firearms discipline and for that we can be truly thankful.

However, there is no doubt that this was an anti-White hate crime on the part of Roberts since as Michael Lee writing for ‘Yahoo! News’ explains:

‘A man accused of going on a shooting spree across Alabama and Georgia and injuring five people admitted to police that the crime was racially motivated, and he was targeting white men.

“Basically, he explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him and also what he described as military-looking white males had taken from him,” Detective Brandon Lockhart said of Justin Tyran Roberts during a preliminary hearing.

Roberts, a 39-year-old black man, was arrested in connection to the shooting spree that left five people injured over three separate incidents in Georgia and Alabama. Police say all five victims are expected to recover.’

What is Roberts’ excuse?

He was ‘attacked by white men with a slingshot in the woods’ that left ‘him with wounds that became infected under the skin’ except that the police couldn’t find any marks from slingshot hits let alone ‘infected wounds.’

Now Roberts’ lawyer is using the old ‘mental health’ defence which wouldn’t work for a white man going around Alabama and Georgia shooting niggers ‘in revenge’ for something either so why would it be okay for a nigger to use it when he has tried – unsuccessfully thankfully – to kill five random white men because they were white?

Oh right… only Black Lives Matter.