Black Supremacist Sasha Johnson Confirmed as Shot by Fellow Niggers

Black Supremacist Sasha Johnson Confirmed as Shot by Fellow Niggers

Sasha Johnson – who styles herself the ‘Black Panther of Oxford’ (she actually went to Oxford Brookes University aka Oxford Polytechnic not actual Oxford) – was shot at 3 a.m. in the back garden of a house in the London suburb of Peckham during a house party on 23rd May 2021.

Johnson – who is one of the leaders of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in the UK (rather forgetting the question why niggers have a right to be in Britain in the first place but anyway…) and is one of the ‘Leadership Executive’ of the ‘Taking The Initiative Party’ (aka Nigger Supremacists and hereafter TTIP) – is famous for many things such as calling a black man she didn’t like a ‘coon’ on camera (bizarre for a nigger nationalist whose whole political ideology is built on ‘racism is evil’ as ‘Uncle Tom’ would at least be more appropriate), calling for the creation of a ‘race offenders register’ to harass and demonize Aryans who dare to call a nigger a nigger, ‘defunding’ the British police force and for ‘Holocaust-style’ reparations for niggers (can we have all the Western technology, clothing and language back then as surely that is ‘cultural appropriation’?).

Predictably TTIP immediately and stupidly (well they are pretty much all niggers so this is par for the course) claimed that Johnson’s shooting was a targeted ‘hate crime’ and the British police force were engaging in a cover up of some kind.

To quote CNN:

‘Johnson's political party, the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP), questioned the police's account, saying in a Monday statement that "the irony is in the fact that the police have stated that there is no clear evidence that Sasha was the target of the attack, and that there are no credible death threats made towards her; however, how have the police come to this conclusion without being able to speak with Sasha regarding the death threats and investigate?"

"Do the police know who the target of the attack was, in order to conclude that Sasha wasn't?" the party added. TTIP first said on Sunday that the attack happened "following numerous death threats as a result of her activism."

TTIP -- a political movement that seeks government reform by putting forward candidates that represent a diversity of communities for public office -- also said that since the attack, it has been subject to a barrage of racist and hateful abuse.

"We have been receiving emails and social media messages celebrating Sasha's attack, messages wishing she dies, calling her a racist, and wishing better luck to the shooter next time for not killing her and so on," TTIP said Monday.

"We need to highlight the issue here in the narrative and the corruption of the system, whereby an individual gets shot in the head yet continues to receive abuse and even gets blamed for being the victim of targeted hate crime," it added.’

TTIP – as well as Diane ‘I am a Black’ Abbott MP - were clearly trying to turn Johnson into some kind George ‘Fentanyl’ Floyd figure in the UK (Britain’s ‘George Floyd’ would be Stephen Lawrence whose mother Doreen has massively benefitted from her son’s death in the 1990s [she is now a Baroness for a start]) but this promptly fell flat on its face when the police refused to play ball (as there was some suggestion early on the shooters were also niggers and that Johnson was not the intended target) and then all the people attending the party – some thirty in all – refused to co-operate or give statements to the police about what happened while Johnson’s mother ‘demanded answers’.

If this had been a ‘hate crime’ by say Aryan men, then you can bet those 30 people – all likely niggers themselves – would have happily screamed it from the roof tops but yet they kept absolutely silent suggesting that this wasn’t a ‘hate crime’ against Johnson for being a nigger supremacist but rather yet another example of a nigger-on-nigger shooting probably related to the nigger gangs that are so widespread a problem in London today.

That this was a nigger-on-nigger shooting was then quietly confirmed by the Beeb when it was quietly announced that:

‘No formal pleas were entered but lawyers for the four defendants indicated they would deny conspiracy to murder.

A hearing was scheduled for 5 November.

Prince Dixon, 25, of Gravesend, Kent, Troy Reid, 19 of Southwark, Cameron Deriggs, 18, of Lewisham, and Devonte Brown, 18, also of Southwark, are all charged with conspiracy to murder.

Judge Mark Lucraft QC suggested a date for a six-week trial would be fixed at the next hearing. He said that the court would be seeking to get the earliest possible trial date.’

All the defendants that have been charged for Johnson’s attempt murder are – you guessed it – niggers.

Ironic that a nigger supremacist has quite possibly been rendered a vegetable or at least somewhat disabled for the rest of her life by other niggers doing what unapologetic racists - like myself – routinely talk about them  doing but which Johnson ardently claims is simply not true.

Oh, the irony is so very delicious.