Black Uber Driver in Atlanta Shoots His Passengers

Black Uber Driver in Atlanta Shoots His Passengers

According to Mike Brest over at the ‘Washington Examiner’ an Uber driver named Nigel Nembhard -who also unsurprisingly is a nigger – shot two of his three passengers at a Chevron gas station in Atlanta at circa 5:00 AM on Wednesday 23rd June.

Brest summarises the events as follows:

‘Nigel Nembhard, 36, was charged with felony murder and aggravated assault on Wednesday, the Atlanta Police Department announced in a statement. He is accused of having shot two men who were in his vehicle, following a dispute, and is currently being held in the Fulton County Jail.

Just before 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning, police responded to a report of someone with a gunshot wound. When officers arrived at a Chevron gas station, they found two males, one deceased and the other critically injured.

The victims “had been in a ride-share vehicle at the Chevron where a dispute arose with the driver. The dispute continued and resulted in the driver, also an adult male, shooting the other two males,” police said.

A third man reportedly fled the scene on foot.

Details on the victims’ names and information have yet to be released. Nembhard, who has been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault, is reportedly cooperating with police.’

I am guessing – because we don’t know the names of the victims – that they are also niggers, but apparently this kind of fairly random nigger-on-nigger violence is a normal occurrence for Uber. After all they now even have a special team of ‘former law enforcement professionals’ to deal with the consequences and legalities since to quote Brest again:

‘The representative also noted to the Washington Examiner that Uber has a team of former law enforcement professionals who work with police when necessary.’

This is where we have got to now. We have corporations like Uber promoting ‘diversity’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ but then setting up specialist teams to protect itself from the legal and physical consequences of ‘diversity’ and putting niggers on a moral pedestal.