British Peer Jailed for Four Months for saying ‘Mean Words’ to Jews

British Peer Jailed for Four Months for saying ‘Mean Words’ to Jews

According to Darren Boyle writing for the ‘Daily Mail’ an aristocrat named Piers Portman has been imprisoned for a whopping four months for the horrific crime of lèse-majesté.

Who did Piers Portman traduce?

Gideon Falter.

But you see Falter is no mere mortal but rather a professional jew who uses his jewishness as a legal shield from any and all criticism.

Describing this legal travesty Boyle writes enthusiastically – this is the jew-worshipping ‘Daily Mail’ after all – about how:

‘A millionaire heir to the Portman property empire who racially abused an anti-Semitism campaigner outside a court has been jailed for four months.

Piers Portman, 50, who is the son of Edward, 9th Viscount Portman of Bryanston, called Campaign Against Antisemitism CEO Gideon Falter 'Jewish scum' at Westminster Magistrates' Court on June 14, 2018.

He also described his own Jewish ex-wife as a 'greedy, grasping, thieving and lying criminal manipulator of the system.'

The Harrow-educated aristocrat's family owns the Portman Estate, which covers 110 acres of Marylebone in West London, including the land under Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Mr Falter was leaving the building after a court hearing for anti semite Alison Chabloz-Tyrer when he was abused by Portman.

Passing sentence on Portman, Judge Gregory Perrins said that crowd including men in Nazi replica uniforms at the Chabloz-Tyrer sentencing hearing was a 'who's who of Nazi deniers and extremists'.

'You have shown no insight at the impact of your offending and no               remorse and continue to see yourself as the victim,' the judge told                 Portman.’

Alison Chabloz – about whose trial and political martyrdom I have written elsewhere – is having the radicalization effect I predicted it would have precisely because people who support the idea that in a so-called democracy people should have the right to speak their mind in public without the fear of powerful special interest groups getting them imprisoned for simple rhetoric.

Clearly the judge involved – Gregory Perrins – has some kind of personal connection to the jews and/or the Israel Lobby precisely because calling a jew ‘Jewish scum’ is hardly a crime apart from in the minds of the malicious malcontents pushing the western world into a state that would make Sodom and Gomorrah look puritanical by comparison.

Falter’s smarmy smugness about his ‘victory’ is both hardly surprising and yet villainously vile at the same time:

‘Speaking after the case, Mr Falter said: 'I am extremely reassured by this sentence, which sends a very clear message to antisemites that even the wealthiest and most privileged cannot escape British justice.

'I have been awarded £10,000 in compensation which I am donating to Campaign Against Antisemitism to help us ensure that anti-Jewish racists like Mr Portman face the consequences of their actions.'

So basically Falter – along with the less hard-line ‘watchdog’ groups run by jewry in Britain such as the ‘Community Security Trust’ (or CST for short) – is necessarily acknowledging two things publicly:

1) That jews are a race not a religion. Hence ‘anti-jewish racists’ because you cannot be an ‘anti-jewish racist’ unless jews are a race.

2) That ‘British justice’ means ‘Jewish justice’ to Falter and his ilk and therefore when a man as well-connected and wealthy as Piers Portman is thrown in the clink for four years for calling a jew ‘scum’ then we are faced with the uncomfortable conclusion that there is nothing British in ‘British justice’ because even the ostensible members of the British elite – even a man who married a jewess – are harshly sentenced for criticising the Self-Chosen of Yahweh.

Therefore, who runs Britain?

The British elite?

No, because the British elite get persecuted by another group.

That group is the jews.

So therefore, the jews must run Britain.