British Students Publicly Rip Up Qur’an at their School

British Students Publicly Rip Up Qur’an at their School

According to Faye Brown in ‘Metro’ something very heartening happened in the industrial city of Preston in Lancashire:

‘Two secondary school pupils have been suspended after ‘ripping up the Koran’ in front of other students.

Teachers alerted police and anti-terrorism officials after the two separate incidents took place at Fulwood Academy in Preston last week.

The school said the pupils had been suspended and that their actions ‘sit deeply at odds with everything we stand for’.

Academy principal Dave Lancaster said that as soon as the incidents came to light, he ‘immediately’ notified Lancashire Constabulary and Prevent – a government anti-terrorism initiative supporting those vulnerable to radicalisation.

It is understood any potential criminal charges are likely to come from the Crown Prosecution Service rather than the police, meaning the matter could take some time to be resolved.

Any sanctions from Fulwood Academy will be reviewed and decided following the conclusion of police investigations.’

This is a very good sign for Nationalism in the UK as two secondary school age children – aka between the ages of 13-18 – openly resisted the attempts to normalise and spread Islam (i.e. the process of Dawah) among British children.

The completely over-the-top reaction from both the school and the police – who are apparently part of the anti-terrorism branch for some reason presumably because of so-called ‘far-right radicalization’ – goes to prove both how protected and untouchable a socio-religious class Muslims have become in the UK but also how far the so-called British government – whose principle figures are now a Judeo-Turk as ‘Prime Minister’, a jew ironically as the ‘Foreign Secretary’ and two Indians as ‘Secretary of the Treasury’ and ‘Home Secretary’ respectively so about as ‘British’ as a Chicken Vindaloo – will go to protect its new ‘Meccanomics’ – which is a 2010 Muslim book by Vali Nasr projecting an Islamic takeover of the European and Global Middle Class – during and after ‘The Great Reset’.

Just to add confirmation to how important this – compared to say the recent attempt by Muslim parents in Batley, West Yorkshire to get a teacher at a secular grammar school (aka people don’t have an automatic right to be there but are there based purely on ability or at least should be) fired because he allegedly showed the class an image of the Prophet Mohammed in a ‘Religious Education’ lesson - Lancashire Constabulary stated:

‘Hate crime causes great distress to its victims and we are committed to investigating all crimes and incidents motivated by hate, supporting victims and bringing offenders to justice.’

So in other words; rather than being seen (correctly) as the stuff teenagers typically do in school – I don’t know of any cases where a Bible has been ripped up/defaced/damaged in similar scenarios where the possibility of charging those responsible with anything let alone ‘hate crimes’ has ever even been muted let alone actually done – this is seen as an existential threat to the Judeo-Islamic Corporate Caliphate that is the UK and is being treated like a terrorist attack rather than teenage high jinks.

But it does bode well for the future of Nationalism in the UK with the coming of age of Generation Zyklon.