Canada seeks to Lessen Sentences for Niggers to ‘Combat Systematic Racism’

Canada seeks to Lessen Sentences for Niggers to ‘Combat Systematic Racism’

Yet more evidence of what we have been predicting for years has recently come out with a legal framework being crafted in Canada to allow niggers to effectively get lighter sentences because they are… well… niggers. The fact that you almost certainly haven’t heard about it should be no surprise precisely because the much touted ‘long march through the institutions’ has reached its apogee and now the psychotic anti-Aryan policies are being pushed hard to be put into the corpus of law.

RT summarizes this situation rather well when they describe how:

‘Fears of a “two-tier justice” system have erupted after a Canadian court ruled that judges should account for the impacts of systemic racism and historical disadvantages when sentencing black offenders.

Last week, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal noted a “responsibility” to “equip judges sentencing offenders of African descent with the tools to craft fit sentences.” The court made the “landmark” legal judgment when considering the sentencing of a black defendant convicted of gun               possession charges, local media reported.

In 2020, Rakeem Rayshon Anderson was sentenced to house arrest and probation after being arrested and convicted for possession of a loaded handgun during a routine traffic stop in 2018. The trial judge based her decision on the ‘Impact of Race and Culture Assessment (IRCA),’ a               framework developed by the province to help courts arrive at an “appropriate sentence” for black people convicted of crimes.

After prosecutors appealed the sentence as being too lenient, the case went to the appeal court for consideration. During the trial, IRCA authors claimed that Anderson carried a loaded firearm due to a heightened sense of self-security since he was coming from “trauma and marginalized communities” and had few black role models. Crown prosecutors changed their position during the appeals process, instead asking for guidance in similar future cases.

The appeal court’s decision – about the need for judges to consider               systemic issues impacting Nova Scotians of African descent – is                     apparently expected to become the blueprint for sentencing in the province and possibly even the rest of the country.

In its Fall 2020 economic statement, Ottawa revealed it plans to spend Can$8 million (US$6.3 million) to adopt the IRCA model at the federal level to address “systemic issues in the criminal justice system that have resulted in the overrepresentation of certain groups.”

Halifax lawyer Brandon Rolle, who argued the case on behalf of the             African Nova Scotia Decade for People of African Descent Coalition             (ANSDPADC), called the ruling a “historic decision that signals a shift in the landscape when we talk about the sentencing of African Nova             Scotians.”’

In other words: niggers deserve lighter sentences because they are niggers and this also applies to so-called ‘indigenous Canadians’ (aka so-called ‘First Nations’ aka Eskimos) who have already had this racial privilege quietly installed since 1999.

The reality of this policy should be obvious to every person reading these lines because if you invert the logic where Aryans were given lighter sentences by the Canadian legal system because they were… well… Aryans then the left would be screeching about the rather obvious racism involved and probably trying to stampede shitskins into torching the centre of Toronto.

When you flip the consequences from shitskins to Aryans then the result is not lighter sentences for shitskins but rather heavier sentences for Aryans.

This is exactly what the much-lauded French writer Jean Raspail predicted in his 1973 novel ‘The Camp of the Saints’ where shitskins aided by white traitors fight an undeclared war of extermination against the Aryans ending in a war between racial patriots – of which National Socialists are the elite as well as the political soldiers – and the corrupt anti-white system.

In essence as Hitler is claimed to have asserted:

‘It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the whole world will know I was right.’

It is time for Canadians to rise up from their slumber, look around them and remember that for which their ancestors worked, fought and died is not only being taken from them but stolen from right under their noses.

There is no more time.

Hell on earth is upon us.

You are either with us or you are against us.