Chinks Continue to be Attacked by Blacks in New York

Chinks Continue to be Attacked by Blacks in New York

According to a journalist named Bryan Ke over at ‘Nextshark’ there have been two ‘anti-Asian hate crimes’ committed by niggers in the last couple of days in New York City. There isn’t really much to say about the details provided in Ke’s summary of the incidents and I can happily reproduce his remarks with full credit given for a splendid write up.

‘The NYPD released photos of a man who allegedly kicked, spewed anti-Asian remarks and pulled a knife on a woman in Manhattan on Monday.

What happened: The 23-year-old victim was walking on West 26th Street Sixth and Seventh Avenue when the alleged suspect kicked her behind her leg and yelled anti-Asian slurs just before midnight, according to PIX11.

The NYPD said the suspect allegedly told the woman, “F**k you, you f**king Chinese people, f**k you” and “You f**king Asian. Get the f**k away from me, I’m going to beat the s**t out of you,” the New York Post reported.

He allegedly pulled out a knife on the victim and a passerby who attempted to help the woman.

The suspect fled and was last seen heading eastbound on West 26th Street.

The woman suffered pain in her back and right leg, and refused medical assistance, the NYPD told NextShark in a statement.

Second incident: Another incident reportedly took place that evening at the intersection of Chambers Street and West Broadway in Tribeca.

A man allegedly yelled at a 57-year-old Asian woman and told her, “F**king Chinese people.”

He also tried to touch one of the woman’s grandchildren, but the victim pulled the child away, prompting the suspect to flee from the scene.

It’s unclear if the two incidents are connected, but both incidents are being investigated by NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force.’

The interesting thing about all this is not that niggers are targeting chinks as that has been happening well before Kung Flu was ever heard of – it just isn’t talked about by the media in NYC although it is well known to inhabitants of the city and its boroughs – but rather that with the twin issues of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Kung Flu.

The media – for example Newsweek and Vox-  and think-tanks – such as the Brookings Institute – have been busy proclaiming that this is a ‘myth’ – even though you can see from just looking through local media reports that a good portion and even I dare say most of the ‘offenders’ in urban centres across the US are black.

Yet naturally we can’t have the sainted and oppressed niggers attacking the hardworking struggling Asians running a dog kidnapping ring while screaming about Kung Flu now, can we?

Hence one Janelle Wong – who is affiliated with the University of Maryland and who should really change her name, so she doesn’t sound like a literal stereotype (or is that my ‘White Privilege’ talking?) – has published a ‘study’ (actually a draft Google Document) claiming that coons aren’t conking chinks in the chin but instead it is all the fault of those evil white people who are the ‘real criminals’ and the media – with extra institutional racism I am sure – is covering it all up.

Now being academically inclined like Wong I figured I’d take a look, and wouldn’t you have thought it?

Wong’s ‘study’ is actually a literature review with no original data or analysis and merely consists of recycling claims made by the Pew Center and Official Community Reporting both of which are based on human data entry and reportage and assume – without question – that the reports they receive are completely genuine and accurate (despite what we know about the fallibility of eyewitness testimony). There is no attempt by Wong to really analyse local media reports – which in my experience tend to be far more accurate a measure than pollsters or official community reporting - beyond ‘if Pew and Official Community Reporting’ say it this is the case then it is.

In essence Wong is guilty of adding to the god-awful nightmare of academe that is the replication crisis in that she takes data sources – which while acceptable to academics are not academic nor unbiased in nature – and then uses said data sources to ‘officially’ contradict the impression one gets from local media and people on the ground without doing any actual analysis of the local media concerned to show how they are getting it ‘wrong’ or even citing specific examples or performing case studies (which is the actual academic standard as Wong well knows).

Instead, her argument boils down to the ‘Pew Centre says you are wrong, so you are wrong.’

I think there is sum-ting-wong in her argument personally, because if what she said were the case then why would journalists – fellow chinks and otherwise – always seem to be writing about coons conking chinks over the head while screaming about Kung Flu as well as providing CCTV stills of the culprits who are unarguably black?

Hmm… I wonder.