Columbo - A Reflection of Jewish Psychology or an Inside Joke?

Columbo - A Reflection of Jewish Psychology or an Inside Joke?

By Ittō

Columbo is portrayed by Ostjude (Eastern Jew) Peter Falk. On screen he is Italian, in reality he’s a Jew. Jews watching are certainly aware of this and it reminds us of how Hollywood Jews like to portray the Mafia as Italian.

Columbo’s character is ill-mannered, pestering and untidy, and sticks out like a sore thumb in the Anglo upper class. He has typically Jewish characteristics: superficially amusing, stingy, intrusive and very persistent. Some people perceive him as repulsive. This is just like the Eastern Jews when they first came to America in droves.

In at least one instance he is called ‘obtuse’. People think he is unintelligent but the opposite is the case. His obtuseness is merely an act, which he uses to trick his opponents into letting their guard down. Occasionally he feigns meekness for the same purpose.

For some reason the audience is never told, he always immediately knows who perpetrated the murder(s). This is a stylistic device of the show, but may be a hint at Jewish psychology. They are not rational people. They have a target or enemy, not chosen through some rational process, but by instinct.

Possibly this subconsciously resonates with a Jewish audience. A jew wouldn’t care much about who Columbo’s target is, any Anglo will do to make it work. Columbo’s manner of conducting an investigation is therefore unconventional – it’s not so much about detective work, but about psychology.

He typically solves his cases by trickery and deception, often times using his enemy’s exceptional skills against them, as seen in the episode ‘Any Old Port In A Storm’ (Season 3). He studies his opponent carefully and exploits any weakness. Often times he trains himself in the profession and expertise of the opponent (for example writing books, tasting wine) to learn the secrets of the trade. Usually the opponent himself – in his arrogance – helps Columbo in this endeavour, not knowing it will lead to their demise.

Yet another hint at the Jewish “struggle” in an Aryan society.

To get his target to become sloppy Columbo often employs flattery, another popular Jewish tactic. It is also worth pointing out that on numerous occasions, in the course of the investigation, he successfully tricks his opponent into performing an action that ultimately leads to their downfall.

In this sense the show is not as much about detective work, but seems more like a Jewish inside joke about Anglo society and the Jew’s own role in it. It is symbolic of the Jew and his tactics in the surrounding Anglo society, which is foreign to him, where the opponent is the entire Anglo society itself.

What further underlines this point is that almost nothing is known about Columbo, except that he has a wife whom he often speaks of. A hint at the matriarchal Jewish family structure?

In a typical TV show the protagonist’s personality is explored. Not here. Columbo does not really exist, because he is a symbol. Columbo shows us how the Jew sees himself, and how the Anglo underestimates him, is unfamiliar with his way of operating, and is consequently outwitted.

On the internet movie database the creators of Columbo are listed as Richard Levinson and William Link. Wikipedia states the former ‘was of Jewish heritage’ and says about the latter: ‘Link discovered late in life that his father’s parents were Jewish’. As story and teleplay writers some of the names include Pearlberg, Friedman, Cohen, … In at least one instance Roland Kibbee is named as executive producer. Wikipedia has the following to say about him: ‘Kibbee was named as a former member of the Communist party by screenwriter Martin Berkeley along with 155 others. Kibbee had become a member in 1937, “by way of the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League and out three years later by way of the Nazi-Soviet Pact”’.

Suffice to say ‘Columbo’ is thoroughly Jewish.

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