Coronavirus and the Ongoing Boomercaust

Coronavirus and the Ongoing Boomercaust

We are living in what the Chinese would call ‘Interesting Times’ with the new mutation of Coronavirus that is being called COVID-19 – courtesy of Chinese people and possibly the Chinese government’s Wuhan Institute of Virology – sweeping the world and ethnically cleansing non-Aryans like it is 1944. Aside from the increasingly terrified squeaking from the non-Aryans squatting in the West that fall just short of hilariously claiming that a virus is ‘racist’ and the ‘White Patriarchy’ is somehow to blame for it in so-called ‘pandemic inequality’.

What has largely been ignored is the fact that is the generational warfare that COVID-19 is essentially engaging in since people who are 70 or older are classified as a ‘high risk’ population that are very likely to die if they contract the virus. The death rate for those aged 70 to 79 is circa 5 percent while in those aged 80 or older it shoots up to circa 9 percent. Those aged between 50 and 69 don’t come out too well either with death rates standing between 1 and 2.5 percent.

With 16 percent of the population aged over 65; this does not bode well for the Baby Boomer generation – especially since double vaccination is not substantial protection against Kung Flu and 80 percent of those who have died as the result of this pandemic have been over 65 aka Baby Boomers - since this would mean that out of a US population of 328.2 million as of 2019. Some 52.5 million US citizens are thus relatively high risk with a median death rate of 5.75 percent. Therefore assuming that all Baby Boomers will get COVID-19 before a viable treatment and/or effective long-term vaccine (the current ones already need ‘booster jabs’ – especially among the Baby Boomers - so this has clearly not occurred yet) is developed; then there is likely to be circa 3.02 million deaths among this generation and the so-called ‘Greatest Generation’.

This will then release a large amount of wealth from these 3.02 million Baby Boomers and ‘Greatest Generation’ wiped out by COVID-19 since these two groups have benefitted massively from hugely inflated property prices – particularly in California and New York – and a series of major economic booms throughout their lifetimes.

You get a sense of this when you realise that a staggering 57 percent of US household wealth is held by Baby Boomers alone – excluding the ‘Greatest Generation’ – while Millennials hold a paltry 3 percent. Now before any upset Baby Boomers start shrieking about how they ‘worked hard and earned their money’; this myth is overturned by pointing out that adults under 40 now hold 6 percent less wealth than the Baby Boomers did when they were under 40 and Generation X still only holds 16 percent of US household wealth despite now beginning to approach retirement age.

In other words: Baby Boomers massively benefited financially from a series of events that they had little to no hand in bringing about and just hit the economic lottery, but of course you cannot say that to them without them getting upset because their egos are so tied up in the vapid materialism and faux religiosity that consumes their increasingly decrepit existences.

To put a figure on that Baby Boomers currently hold $59 trillion in wealth that they are using to do… well… boomer things like go on cruises, lecture their grandchildren about how they need to ‘work harder’ and gamble in jewish-owned casinos in Las Vegas. Those circa 3.02 million Baby Boomer deaths would free up some $3.4 trillion in wealth for Generation X, Millennials and Generation Zyklon.

This in turn means that a political and economic levelling will begin to occur as the Baby Boomers are decimated by COVID-19 and pass on their wealth to their economically disadvantaged and more politically radical descendants. The Baby Boomers are also the last generation that has really bought into the two party dynamic of US politics en masse while Generation X less so and Millennials and Generation Zyklon not at all.

In other words, as COVID-19 wipes out large numbers of Baby Boomers not only does this mean an economic levelling but also signals a change in the politics of the United States in so far as the Democrat versus Republican narrative will become more and more outdated and remote from the newly enfranchised voters of Generation Z while Millennials will continue to be divorced from the whole dog and pony show.

This will be a boon to accelerationism as political radicalization will continue with Generation Zyklon and Millennials being increasing alienated from the system and its ‘two choice representative democracy’ and better educated than ever by the sheer ease of availability of alternative narratives and ideas that the internet affords.

Further the combination of this wealth transfer from the Baby Boomers with this increasing political radicalization will allow Generation Zyklon, Millennials and Generation X to fund and push their own ideas rather than being forced to use existing system-controlled channels. Thus allowing the two party state to either be split into multiple entities or be risk near complete alienation of the ruling class from those they are governing in the name of ‘democracy’.

Add to that the deep economic crisis that COVID-19 has already spawned and will continue to inflict on the mass of the population due to the lockdown measures imposed to protect the healthcare systems from being simply overwhelmed by cases plus their usual workload. Then it becomes clear that this materially bites deep into the already deeply disenfranchised Generation Zyklon and Millennials, which – as Louis Althusser noted in the 1970s – is the true precursor to revolution. As it is only when the average person can no longer put food on the table and has little hope for the future that they become open to – nay demand – revolutionary change.

In other words, COVID-19 is creating a revolutionary situation throughout the world in general but in the increasingly moribund West in particular and such a situation only comes once in a lifetime. We would be fools not to take advantage of this to expand our ranks, create new activists and activism hubs following the economic devastation of COVID-19 and even push for revolutionary change in countries that have the appropriately dire economic conditions which have in turn created political instability enabling a revolutionary alternative to come to power.

The world is ours for the taking.

We would be foolish not to take this opportunity for revolutionary change.