Deborah Levine: The Jewess behind ‘The American Diversity Report’

Deborah Levine: The Jewess behind ‘The American Diversity Report’

Recently I saw an article by one Deborah Levine in the Times Free Press of Chattanooga, Tennessee. (1) This made me wonder just who Deborah Levine was and it turns that while Levine shrieks about ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘racism’ in the pages of newspapers. (2) She also just so happens to be jewish and very open about her jewishness being the originating factor in her ‘anti-racist activism’. (3)

This ‘anti-racist activism’ takes the form of being the Founder and Editor of a publication called ‘The American Diversity Report’, (4) which pushes for the replacement of White Americans with immigrants from the third world (aka White Genocide) and apologizes for radical Islam as much as is humanly possible.

Levine also takes to the pages of large media outlets like the Huffington Post to advocate for these policies. (5)

It is perhaps no surprise then that ‘The American Diversity Report’ is also geared up to make money for Levine – with is a for profit enterprise operating under the legal umbrella of Deborah Levine Enterprises LLC – by offering nebulous ‘training courses’ to agencies and departments of the local and federal American government. (6)

Not exactly the altruistic ideology that she wishes to be seen as: is she?



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