DJ Busta 929 and the Problem of Interracial Underage Rape

DJ Busta 929 and the Problem of Interracial Underage Rape

According to the South African news site ‘Briefly’ a popular nigger DJ in the country has demonstrated yet again why niggers are generally unsuitable for any kind of civilization as we learn that:

‘Popular Amapiano DJ Busta 929 is trending on social media again after being allegedly spotted with another teenage girl. The Umsebenzi Wethu hitmaker topped Mzansi Twitter trends between Sunday and Monday following a viral image of him and the alleged teenage girl who is                 reportedly 17 years old.

This is not the first time that the popular DJ is being called out for the same allegations. In June last year, Busta 929 made headlines when he went on a partying spree with underage girls in Sandton for five days.

According to The Citizen, Busta 929 landed in hot water when he took underage girls home without informing their parents. The publication further states that one of the girls' sisters approached the popular                 Instagram blog Hot and Served to help them locate the girls after the girls were spotted on Busta 929's Instagram live. Busta 929 refuted the               allegations at the time claiming that he only picked the girls up on his way back from a gig. According to the statement released back in 2021, Busta 929 took the girls for the sole purpose of recording their music.’

‘Busta 929’ getting into trouble is naturally not our concern given that the underage girls are almost certainly niglets and even fellow niggers are appalled not so much about his likely having sex with underage girls but at how it is clearly going to end with ‘Busta 929’ going to prison for child rape/sex with a child.

Our concern is the fact that due to the huge number of niggers – recently arrived and otherwise – in the United States, Canada and Western Europe in general that there is a similar habit of niggers raping underage girls (including paying for the privilege as well as grooming them for sex) as young as twelve. This has been going on since at the least the 1990sbut is barely reported on by the media and online apologists for it blame ‘the historical oppression of black people’ and ‘White historical violence against Native Americans’ even though these are nonsensical rationalizations to even the most diseased of modern minds.

The general response from the nationalist right to these kinds of statutory and criminal rapes has been one of ‘Toll Paid’ and while there is a lot of truth in this. It also misses a trick in that the white women/underage girls that are part of this are victims of a vicious anti-white jewish-run system that has promoted the dangerous myth that black men are more virile (and thus more attractive mates) than white men (a good example is the penis size myth which even black female comedian London Hughes recently debunked) which has pushed younger white girls raised by their liberal cat lady-staffed schools to view blacks as an ‘oppressed people’ who are at the same time a ‘superior race’ to alter their mate selection strategy towards blacks to some degree although not massively.

No one is claiming every white girl who is raped (and often murdered) by a nigger ‘deserves it’ but rather that those who deliberately date niggers are also in a sense victims of both their own idiocy – for which they have rightly ‘Paid the Toll’ – and also of a vicious anti-white system dedicated to the eventual extermination of the Aryan race. The latter is something we must not lose sight of lest we allow any of ‘Jewry’s Willing Executioners’ to escape justice.

Yet fundamentally the problem isn’t white girls per se, but rather the presence of niggers in Aryan homelands.