Dutch Prime Minister tries to Kick Hungary out of the EU for Outlawing Paedophilia

Dutch Prime Minister tries to Kick Hungary out of the EU for Outlawing Paedophilia

I recently published an article praising Viktor Orban and the Hungarian government for their right action in passing a law – with an almost total majority in the Hungarian National Assembly – which prohibited:

‘Sharing with minors any content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment, something supporters said would help fight pedophilia but which human rights groups denounced as anti-LGBT discrimination.’

As I noted in my article this bill should not in any way be controversial because it is simple common sense both from a stance of the theories as to the origins of sodomy put out by sodomites themselves but also because if your sexuality was as natural and innate as all that. Then you shouldn’t need to be pushing pro-sodomite propaganda (and that’s what this Hungarian bill really address) to children and teens in the first place.

Instead, we’ve had weird outrage at a parliamentary democracy passing a legislative bill through its own parliament in an almost total majority when the ‘opposition’ decided to ‘boycott’ it to – as I argued at the time – create propagandistic grounds on which to falsely argue it was ‘undemocratic’. When by any definition of democracy, you care to use it was and is democratic.

Robert Iddiols and Amy Cassidy over at ‘CNN’, for example, try to make it sound like it was so some of ‘far-right conspiracy’:

‘The move prompted intense criticism from human rights groups and opposition parties. On the day it passed, crowds gathered in Budapest outside the parliament to protest the bill.’

This obviously completely ignores that this was a democratically passed piece of legislation that the ‘opposition’ (read non-Hungarians, lefties, jews, gypsies and horny Sodomites which the sodomite rag called the ‘Los Angeles Blade’ accidentally confirmed) couldn’t stop democratically in the Hungarian National Assembly so they have taken to trying to get it struck down externally and also get some funding from Globalhomo in the process (I wonder why Orban takes such issue with George Soros… hmm?).

Thus, it is no surprise that Hungary has triggered the rhetorical wrath of the geriatric AIDS-ridden serpents squatting in the capitals of Europe and the Brussels Headquarters of that oh-so-jewish-project the ‘European Union’ (aka the EU).

Mark Rutte – who for some reason is the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and who claims to be an active member of the Dutch Reformed Church (Leviticus 18:22 Mark… hello?) – has come out shrieking that Hungary should be booted out of the EU for daring to do something democratic that he doesn’t like.

Ursula von der Leyen – the Belgian-German President of the EU – ‘denounced’ Hungary’s legislation as being ‘anti-human rights’ and ‘discriminatory’… but Ursula I thought that was what a free democracy could do? It can discriminate as it sees fit as long as it does so through democratically elected representatives and then democratically voted for legislation then that is all fine and dandy… oh wait… it is only ‘okay’ when democracy discriminates against straight white Europeans rather than sodomites, immigrants, Muslims and jews: right?

Nor are von der Leyen and Rutte alone as fifteen other countries – including the probable victim of child rape Macron of France – have made similar loud noises that – if they were louder - could be easily mistaken for Boris Yeltsin breaking wind in the afterlife.

Not very ‘democratic’: huh?

Quite frankly Orban needs to tell these preaching poofters to fuck off and spend less time caring about ‘rights’ for sodomites and more about their failing regimes and increasingly screwed up economies.