Ed Kramer: The Jewish Child Molester behind ‘Dragon Con’

Ed Kramer: The Jewish Child Molester behind ‘Dragon Con’

‘Dragon Con’ – formerly ‘Dragon*Con’ - is one of the most famous and longest-running science fiction and fantasy conventions in North America having been first run in 1987. What you probably don’t know however is that while it was started by six people - John Bunnell, David Cody, Robert Dennis, Mike Helba, Pat Henry and Ed Kramer – and two of these were jews (Mike Helba (1) and Ed Kramer). (2)

One of these two jews – Edward ‘Ed’ Kramer – was disproportionately important in founding and running ‘Dragon Con’ since he owned a whopping 34 percent of the stock in the company, which – while he stepped down from running in 2000 still owned 34 percent of till the other owners bought him out in 2013 for an undisclosed but likely large sum. (3)

What happened to Ed Kramer in 2000?

Well he was accused (and subsequently convicted) of molesting underage teenage boys which started quite the legal odyssey with – to quote the ‘Times of Israel’‘including a proposed move to Israel, a trial delay because of a presidential election and an extradition by air ambulance.’ (4)

So in essence Kramer tried to pull a Malka Leifer and flee to Israel to avoid prosecution like so many other jewish child molesters have and in so doing keep his majority ownership of ‘Dragon Con’ so he could have a cushy life in Israel molesting young boys while being propped up by tens of thousands of dollars from non-jewish science fiction and fantasy fans.

Even thought ‘Dragon Con’ has officially severed its relations with Kramer and his so-called ‘pedosexuality’. Anyone supporting such an organization should think twice about giving it any money given the fact that until fairly recently a lot of that money was going into the pockets of a serial jewish child molester.

In any sane state Kramer would have ceased to be – like Monty Python’s famous parrot – a long time since and not still be costing the taxpayers good money to clothe and feed.


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