Erwin Schrödinger Revealed as a Serial Child Molester

Erwin Schrödinger Revealed as a Serial Child Molester

Erwin Schrödinger – the legendary physicist and the man who came up with the famous thought experiment of ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’has been outed a serial child rapist by ‘Futurism’. As it turns out this isn’t exactly ‘new’ information but rather have been known and published by his biographers – although some have predictably sought to minimize it to a ‘lolita complex’ a-la Vladimir Nabokov’s famous 1955 novel – since at least 1989.

For example, in one case he impregnated an Irish girl – when she was between the ages of 12 and 17 – and promptly procured a back room abortion for the hapless child which left her completely sterile.

It is hardly surprising that this is the case given that in the modern pantheon of physics Schrödinger is almost on the level of Albert Einstein and was indeed a close friend of Einstein’s. It does however go to show that there is one rule for those who are either useful to or part of the largely jewish elite and the rest of us.

Perhaps rather interestingly following the toppling of the ‘Clerical Fascist’ government of Kurt Schuschnigg – now usually falsely implied to have been a ‘democratic’ government rather than an unpopular military dictatorship heavily supported by the Catholic Church – by the Third Reich and Austria’s absorption into the latter. Schrödinger – who was an ardent anti-Nazi – was promptly fired from the University of Graz for his political views although he had tried to save himself by trying to walk back his previous half-a-decade of anti-German political bellyaching.

Thus, it goes to expose that, yet another so-called intellectual ‘anti-Nazi’ was opposed to National Socialism not because National Socialism was wrong but because National Socialism called him on his bullshit and Schrödinger knew that unlike any other state in modern history: the Third Reich not only had laws but enforced them.

National Socialism acted – and still acts – as a touchstone for someone’s real beliefs and situation because just as Schrödinger was an avid ‘anti-Nazi’ while running and hiding from the Third Reich because he was a serial child molester. Other vocal anti-Nazis as varied as the British Catholic sculptor and lay Dominican Eric Gill (who routinely raped his daughters and even anally raped his own dog), the Swiss Calvinist theologian Karl Barth (who despite his professed hard-line Christian beliefs lived in a secret menage-a-trois with a female student and his wife) and the aforementioned Russian writer and exile Vladimir Nabokov (who had a jewish wife and was supported by jews).

This is why so many of those who ardently oppose National Socialism turn out to be either be of mixed race, in a relationship with someone of mixed or another race and/or to have some secret degeneracy they know that other ideologies will turn a blind eye to but National Socialism will not.

National Socialism knows only truth and accordingly smashes falsehood with the sword of righteousness that only those who have seen reality in all its terrible majesty can understand. That is why Schrödinger ran like a frightened cat from the SS because he knew that regardless of his intellectual brilliance; he would have been found out and brought to book irrespective of that ‘brilliance’.