Evil Female Child Molester Charged in Missouri

Evil Female Child Molester Charged in Missouri

According to KUTV in Missouri there has been a shocking arrest and charging of a female landwhale in the city of Hannibal in Missouri.

We read that:

‘A now-former aide at a Missouri middle school has been arrested and charged with several criminal violations stemming from allegations she was inappropriately involved with a student, according to Hannibal Superintendent Susan Johnson.

Amy Jo Allen, 27, was formally arraigned Friday on the following felony charges:

Statutory sodomy, second degree

Child molestation, fourth degree

Sexual contact with a student

KHQA learned the victim is between the ages of 4 and 17.’

Now what is frightening here is that Allen has been charged with sodomy – and I sincerely hope it is because she had anal sex with the child and not penetrated their anus – and sexual contact in relation to a child who is probably 11-12 – if we take a rough median between the victim’s possible age – which is just viscerally disgusting to any sane human being.

If the charges are true – and I have no reason to suspect they aren’t – then Allen needs to be executed as quickly as possible as she would then be simply irredeemable and not worth keeping alive in prison because of her so-called ‘human rights’.