Fake Hate Crimes: The Northeastern University Mezuzah Malarky (2021)

Fake Hate Crimes: The Northeastern University Mezuzah Malarky (2021)

According to Travis Anderson writing for ‘MSN’ there has been a so-called ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’ at Northeastern University’s Boston Campus. Now as some may remember I’ve made something of a study of ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’ claims over the years and this one is a classic piece of baseless assumption and rhetoric by the university’s jewish population.

Let’s begin by showcasing Anderson’s reporting describing how:

‘Northeastern University officials are investigating a recent act of               anti-Semitic vandalism at a Hillel House near its Boston campus, school President Joseph E. Aoun said Wednesday.

Aoun confirmed the probe in a letter to the university community.

“Yesterday I learned that a sacred religious symbol, known as a mezuzah, was desecrated at Northeastern’s Hillel House near the Boston campus,” Aoun wrote. “The Northeastern University Police Department is               investigating this incident; at this time they do not believe the suspect is affiliated with the university.“

Aoun said no matter who’s responsible, the “despicable act” has greatly distressed members of the university’s Jewish community.

“They are experiencing firsthand an instance of senseless hate, coming at a time when the ancient scourge of anti-Semitism is on the rise across the U.S. and around the world,” he wrote. “We must respond first with               compassion and empathy. We must offer an endless well of support,             standing in unity with our Jewish classmates, colleagues, and friends.”

The president vowed that the hateful vandalism won’t shake the                   university’s commitment to fairness, respect, diversity, inclusion, and                       resilience.

“I ask each person within our community to do at least one thing today to embrace and exemplify those values, no matter how small the act,” Aoun wrote. “By living our core values, we affirm our shared humanity.”

Hillel members had tweeted about the troubling case shortly after the vandalism was discovered over the weekend.

Yoni Michanie, a doctoral student at Northeastern and reserve sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces, tweeted that the act had left him saddened.

“Saddening to have come into Northeastern University’s Hillel to find the mezuzah ripped from the building’s entrance,” Michanie tweeted. “Authorities have been contacted and an investigation is being carried out. Hopefully the individual/s responsible for this will be held accountable.”’

Now for those who don’t know a mezuzah is a small, blessed metal plate with Judaic symbolism and/or versification on it that is placed on a door jam to ‘bless’ the doorway so-to-speak and to keep so-called ‘evil spirits’ away.

The problems with the narrative of this being an ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’ being promoted by both Aoun and Michanie are rather simple but of course the media don’t let to apply simple logic to such an ‘emotive’ issue where the Self-Chosen Masters of the Universe are involved.

These are:

1) There is no evidence that the mezuzah was removed by anyone with someone an anti-jewish let alone an ‘anti-Semitic’ motive.

2) There is no evidence that the mezuzah was even removed by a non-jew.

3) The likelihood that this was due to ‘anti-Semitism’ is decreased even further by pointing out that a mezuzah is an unusual thing these days outside of the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox community and as such most non-jews have never even heard of one – although one does appear and is removed by a jew in ‘Schindler’s List’ but what it is neither named or explained – let alone know where it would be and what the religious significance to jews would be.

Is it not more likely that this mezuzah was either removed by a jew independently and now jews are freaking out and screeching about ‘Nazis on campus’ or that so drunken student(s) (jewish and/or non-jewish) removed it not knowing what it was as a keepsake from an epic night out as they also commonly do with traffic cones?

So, in summary: this is very unlikely to be either related to the mezuzah’s religious significance to jews or to be an example of an ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’.