Fake Holocaust Survivors: Gershon Meir

Fake Holocaust Survivors: Gershon Meir

According to Chabad.org – the official website of the infamous gentile-hating Lubavitch Chabad – one of their alleged ‘Holocaust Survivors’ named Gershon Meir has died.

They describe his ‘Holocaust’ story as follows:

‘Nonagenarian Gershon Meir passed away on April 23 as a result of complications due to COVID-19.

Born during peacetime in the Jewish community of Budapest, Hungary, young Gershon’s life was turned upside-down with the onset of World War II and the Holocaust.

His miraculous journey of survival took him from place to place until he found refuge in Antwerp, Belgium. There, Meir studied in the yeshiva of the revered Pupa Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Greenwald, who noticed the gifted young survivor and gave him special consideration.

Eventually settling in the United States, Meir had a long and successful career in the IT departments of the Federal Reserve, and later at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, never abandoning his Torah studies and learning. For many years, he maintained a study partnership with the late Rabbi Nosson Gestetner, a leading halachic authority in Israel, and was deeply involved in communal charities and affairs.’

So basically Meir is claiming that he found ‘refuge’ in Antwerp, Belgium during the Second World War – with no detail of how he got from Budapest to Antwerp during war time – and not only apparently lived there during the whole of the Second World War, but also attended Rabbi Yosef Greenwald’s yeshiva at the same time.

Who knew there were yeshivas operating in German-occupied Antwerp during the Second World War?

Apparently the ‘Holocaust’ didn’t really happen for Gershon Meir… I wonder why?