Former NFL Player Suspected of Murdering his White Girlfriend

Former NFL Player Suspected of Murdering his White Girlfriend

McKenna Aiello writing for ‘E! News’ has published an article talking about how Kevin Ware Jr. – formerly of the San Francisco 49ers – probably murdered his white mudshark of a girlfriend named Taylor Pomaski.

She describes how:

‘Kevin Ware Jr., who played for the San Francisco 49ers, appeared in court on June 14 as part of a separate case, where he's being charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a firearm as a felon.

In a document filed by state prosecutors and obtained by E! News, they requested Ware is denied bail because of his suspected involvement in girlfriend Taylor Pomaski's death.

"The defendant is suspected of murdering his girlfriend, Taylor Pomaski, while on bond for these charges," the documents stated.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said Pomaski was last seen attending a party on April 25.

Pomaski's family filed a missing persons report on May 10 when they realized she had not contacted them on Mother's Day, her father told ABC13.

"I'm terrified for the potential outcome. It breaks my heart," Stephen Pomaski told the outlet.

According to Pomaski's father, Ware told him he last saw her departing their house without her personal possessions or dog Molly. "No matter what happens in her life," he noted to ABC13, "she always makes sure Molly is taken care of."

An attorney for Ware told ABC13 in a statement, "Previously, law             enforcement reached out to Kevin regarding Ms. Pomaski, and he told them what he knew, and let them in his home."’

There is little to say concerning the police’s suspicion that Ware had a role in the disappearance of the presumably murdered Taylor Pomaski other than this is yet another example of the black-on-white violence characteristic of American as well as European society today – it is particularly marked from black NFL players towards their usually non-black wives and girlfriends - but which is suppressed in favour of the eternally oppressed angelic nigger narrative.

Even when it is brought up it is usually excused with some deflecting rationalization that infantilizes niggers like Kevin Ware Jr. into having no agency and no responsibility for their actions but rather their actions are seen as the inherent consequences of some historical wrong that has caused a form of congenital PTSD (‘inherited trauma’ if you want to look it up) or impossible to quantify socio-economic wrong based on such weird ideas as ‘microaggressions’ (aka if you don’t promote me then you are a sexist racist ageist ableist bigot).

This is the insanity behind Woke Culture and why the so-called ‘Conservatives’ – who are less fighting for Western Civilization and more for the sake of lining their own pockets while pretending to do something (but always seem to fail) – are right in calling it inherently racist because it assumes that non-Aryans are genetically inferior to Aryans.

Where Woke Culture and National Socialism differ is not about whether non-Aryans are genetically inferior to Aryans but rather over what to do about it. National Socialism - like so-called ‘Conservatives’ - deals with the issue directly and demands that niggers – despite their genetic inferiority – be held to account and be understood in terms of that inferiority.

Where-as Woke Culture demands that Aryan society and standards be lowered and modified to allow niggers to no longer seem genetically inferior to Aryans in the belief that if only, we can lower our standards enough that society will magically become civilizationally homogenous and there will no longer be a race war going on between the peoples of the earth.

‘Conservatives’ by contrast demand that niggers be held to account but assume – unlike Woke Culture – that niggers are the equal of Aryans and are perpetually shocked that niggers refuse to behave like normal human beings and persist in the behaviours that promote short-term animalistic behaviours that you can easily observe among chimpanzees. Hence why ‘conservatives’ react with such pseudo-religious fawning about a nigger who actually behaves like a black man and takes responsibility for their actions aka the ‘Based Black’ phenomenon.

This is why neither so-called ‘Conservatives’ or Woke Culture work or any kind of solution because the former denies reality in favour of a secular superstition where-as the latter demands the ritual sacrifice of the Aryan race (aka white genocide) to ensure that niggers can feel like they are actually functioning humans in a modern society.

Hence there is a need for a third way that both acknowledges racial reality but also ruthlessly holds those involved to account without excuses or ideologically based rationalizations.

That third way is National Socialism.