French Teacher Jailed for Naming the Jew

French Teacher Jailed for Naming the Jew

According to RFI, a French teacher named Cassandre Fristot has been imprisoned for daring to imply what dare not be said lest one be tried for the horrific crime of lèse-majesté towards the self-appointed masters of the universe: the jews.

We read how:

‘A teacher in eastern France has received a suspended jail sentence for inciting racial hatred after brandishing an anti-Semitic sign at a             demonstration over the government's Covid-19 health pass.

Cassandre Fristot, 34, was photographed at the demonstration in the city of Metz on August 7 holding a sign scrawled with the surnames of several well-known figures from politics, business and the media labelled "traitors!!!"

Many of those cited had Jewish or Jewish-sounding names such as US financier George Soros, French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy and former French health minister Agnes Buzyn.

The sign, which also cited President Emmanuel Macron and current Health Minister Olivier Veran, also bore the question "but who?" -- a hashtag used by conspiracy theorists to perpetuate the anti-Semitic claim that Jews control the media.

Fristot, a former local councillor with Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front (now called the National Rally), was suspended from her job as a German teacher in the wake of the picture.

She denied it was anti-Semitic.

The six-month suspended sentence handed down by a court in Metz was stiffer than the three-month suspended sentence state prosecutors had requested.

Fristot was also ordered to pay between one euro and €300 in damages to eight anti-racism groups that joined the case as plaintiffs.’

So basically Fristot – whose heart is clearly in the right place – dared to point out that the jews are significantly and disproportionately involved in the government of France that is inflicting Orwellian laws and making sweeping and invasive demands of its native people and yet this apparently not only a ‘crime’ but a jail-able offence.

What kind of insane dystopia do we live where to name the jew is a crime but to cut a child’s penis off is not only normal but praiseworthy?