General Dominique Delawarde Names the Jew on French Television

General Dominique Delawarde Names the Jew on French Television

General Dominique Delawarde – a French patriot who signed the famous ‘General’s Platform’ is now being investigated for ‘anti-Semitism’ by the Paris Prosecutor’s Office for comments he made on the television show ‘Morandini Live’ on 14th June 2021.

The French news site ‘Paudal’ describes the encounter thus:

‘On Friday, on the show Morandini Live, the interviewer Claude Posternak asked him “who controls” the “media pack” that Dominique Delawarde evoked on the air. Retired since the mid-2010s, the general smiles: “You know who controls the media pack in the world and in France. Who controls the Washington Post, the New York Times, with us BFMTV and all the newspapers that come to group around, who are these people…? “, Pretends to wonder the ex-soldier.

“Who?”, Insists Claude Posternak. “This is the community that you know well,” replies Dominique Delawarde. “We’re not going to start on that, we’re going to stop my general there, I’m sorry,” Jean-Marc Morandini immediately cut off. We cannot let it say on the air, I’m sorry, we cut, we remove the general, “he said.’

Claude Posternak – is you guessed it – a kike who became an internet meme after screeching ‘Qui? Qui?’ (‘Who? Who?’) at Delawarde prompting the latter’s beautifully laconic response that triggered the hell out of both Posternak and Jean-Marc Morandini – the latter has a habit of shutting down his program the minute any potentially controversial opinion is expressed – causing them to immediately end the interview.

Delawarde clearly knows that the jews control the world’s media going by previous comments he has made and he didn’t do the stupid thing of openly declaring it on television – however satisfying that might be – because it is illegal to tell the truth in the current world of woke but kept it nice and implicit which is as good as doing so because – as Delawarde understands – jews like Posternak know exactly what is meant and react histrionically accordingly causing Delawarde’s point to be made without having to be made explicitly.

This interview points yet further to a bright future for National Socialism in Europe – particularly in France and Germany – with National Socialists apparently burrowed in large numbers throughout the German Bundeswehr – as exemplified in the exposure of a large numbers of Nazis in the KSK (German Special Forces) – and widespread if implicit support for a Nationalist coup in the French military. With further good signs being surging anti-immigrant violence and politics in the Republic of Ireland and younger and younger National Socialist leaders and speakers in Spain.

The jews are increasingly aware that they are sitting on a massive time bomb in Europe and North America where a civil war between the Political Left and Right in some form is increasingly on the cards and they – as the key supporters of the status quo and the liberal left and right – are stuck in the middle of a shit creek without a paddle and angry goyim on both sides.

The Future is Bright, The Future is National Socialist.