Generation Zyklon Shows Itself in Toronto

Generation Zyklon Shows Itself in Toronto

Shock, Horror and Panic!

Those are the adjectives that jews in Canada are using at moment following the report that students in the Toronto area are openly making the Hitlergruß (aka the ‘Nazi Salute’) to each other and jewish teachers as well as an apparent epidemic swastika and unidentified ‘anti-Semitic graffiti’.

Chris Fox at ‘CTV News’ shrieks how:

‘For the second time this month a Toronto middle school is investigating an alleged antisemitic incident in which students reportedly performed the Nazi salute in front of classmates.

TDSB spokesperson Sherry Schwartz-Maltz says that the latest incident occurred at Valley Park Middle School, in the Overlea Boulevard and Don Mills Road area, on Feb. 17.

She said that a French teacher, who is the child of Holocaust survivors, had just left her classroom and when she returned “several students             surrounded her and gave her the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute.”

The incident comes on the heels of a similar instance of anti-Semitism at Charles H. Best Middle School earlier this month, in which students also allegedly performed the Nazi salute.’

We further learn that the Canadian students specifically targeted a kike teacher – who presumably was something of a tyrant or at least liked to talk about how her parents were almost turned into soap and used by Irma Grese as body wash – with their alleged ‘anti-Semitism’.

Since Fox tells us that:

‘“This particular incident was very hateful, very hurtful and very upsetting to the teacher who happens to be Jewish. It is something that hits her in the heart and frankly all of us that work with kids, all of us work with the TDSB, it hits all of us in the heart,” Schwartz-Maltz said. “We are seeing swastika graffiti and hateful words literally every week in our schools and it has to stop.”’

The alleged ‘targeting’ of the kike teacher – who apparently is the apogee of the ideal teacher because they are both a jew and the ‘daughter of Holocaust Survivors' – is the main source of manufactured outrage from Paola Loriggo of the ‘National Post’, Michael Talbot at ‘City News’ and Rory Sullivan at the ‘Independent’.

This goes to show two things that the mainstream media believes: firstly, that being related to so-called ‘Holocaust Survivors’ makes you a secular saint and secondly that being a jew means you cannot be offended without the offender being guilty of a so-called ‘hate crime’.

What Fox then tells us in his article for ‘CTV News’ also goes to confirm this since we read that:

‘The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center is calling on the TDSB to                 intervene at a board-wide level to “to address the escalation in antisemitic incidents and level of seriousness of these incidents at Toronto schools.”

There have already been numerous incidents of antisemticic graffiti at TDSB schools so far in 2022, including one at Valley Park Middle School just three weeks ago.

“It is hard to fathom that in 2022 we are dealing with repeated instances of vandalism of swastikas at schools and of course today another example of Nazi salutes and chants of ‘Heil Hitler’ but this time the target is a Jewish teacher. It is a Jewish teacher that walked into a classroom and was subjected to this hateful display,” FSWC President and CEO Michael Levitt said during an interview with CP24 on Tuesday morning.

“We have to start at understanding and accepting that something is                 completely off the rails at the TDSB when it comes to Jew hate and we need to see definitive action taken to address this systematic problem.”

In a statement released Tuesday evening, TDSB Director of Education Colleen Russell-Rawlins issued an apology to the teacher about the               incident and said the board is striving to attack incidents of hate through learning.’

Now the Simon Weisenthal Center – which also wants to set up an FBI Task Force to ‘combat anti-Semitism’ (aka criminalize and prosecute it like it were murder or robbery) – has a massive budget as well as its own museum (see Yaron Svoray and Nick Taylor’s 1995 ‘In Hitler’s Shadow: An Israeli’s Journey inside Germany’s neo-Nazi Movement’, pp. 133; 136 for more details) and spends all of its time promoting the idea that any criticism of jews, Judaism and/or Israel is simply ‘anti-Semitism’.

As such it acts as a ‘expert witness’ to tell the mainstream media exactly what is (as well as supposedly what is not) ‘anti-Semitism’ and hence Fox (as well Loriggo, Sullivan and Talbot) are simply following a pre-prepared script where any kind of perceived or real criticism of jews, Judaism and/or Israel is a ‘representation’ of the ‘new anti-Semitism’ that has come about ex nihilo due to its ‘irrational nature’ but has ‘absolutely nothing’ to do with jews and their behaviour.

The interesting thing in all this – as Faygie Levy Holt has noted – is that none of these schools have a large or even significant jewish population which suggests the students are both responding to the jewish French teacher behaving like a member of the NKVD and also that they are being radicalised by the content they consume online as it is unlikely something like this would occur entirely in an intellectual vacuum.

This suggests – along with the large number of youngsters who are finding National Socialism and/or becoming jew wise through propaganda outreach – that the younger generation who have grown up in the digital age are truly becoming more radical as they see their countries invaded by hordes of shitskins, jobs sent abroad for shitskins slave labour to do and SJWs shrieking at them telling them how awful they are because of their so-called ‘white privilege’.

Thus, they are doing what any self-respecting young Aryan does: they are looking for answers and solutions and the answers and solutions of National Socialism ring true as they are testable and unapologetic. Unlike our enemies and detractors, we don’t tell you to read a million different theorists or demand you ‘simply believe’ but rather tell you to read ‘Mein Kampf’ for yourself and do a little googling about who is in power doing the things that you despise.

We are not afraid of criticism or conversation and this coming generation are beginning to realise – much as they have in Toronto’s school system – that the problem is global, and the key player is the jew.

It is as simple as that.