German Media tries to blame Islamist Terrorist Stabbing in Würzburg on ‘Neo-Nazis’

German Media tries to blame Islamist Terrorist Stabbing in Würzburg on ‘Neo-Nazis’

After I had published my initial article on the Islamist terrorist stabbing in Würzburg – which killed three Aryans and injured five others – a reader brought it to my attention that the liberal-left current affairs magazine ‘Stern’ – based out of Hamburg and which had its credibility almost destroyed in 1983 when it published the forged ‘Hitler Diaries’ as if they were real – has decided to bring even more opprobrium upon its name by claiming that the stabbing was indeed Islamist in nature but that ‘Abdirahman J.’ was motivated to carry out this attack because he was ‘harassed’ by ‘neo-Nazis’ in the medieval Saxon city of Chemnitz.

‘Stern’ writes that:

‘To an editor of Deutsche Welle, whom J. met at the time on behalf of the Funke media group, the Somali described in 2018 how he and an Afghan friend in Chemnitz had been attacked by masked, suspected right-wing extremist thugs. Six people came up to them near a gas station. All were dressed in black and were tall, J. reports in a video recording made of the meeting. He was able to run away, so nothing happened to him, but his Afghan friend was beaten and injured.

"We are afraid, very afraid to live in Chemnitz," complains J. in the film. That's why he wanted to go to West Germany. When asked by the reporter whether he had the feeling that the right wing hunted down refugees in the city , he replied: "Yes, always, always, always, always, always."

In Chemnitz, after the fatal knife attack on the 35-year-old German Daniel H. in August 2018, there were multiple rallies by right-wing groups, including the AfD, Pegida and the right-wing extremist association Pro Chemnitz. Foreigners and journalists were also attacked and participants showed the Hitler salute.’

So, an obvious question here is: why were ‘Abdirahman J.’ and his unnamed ‘Afghan friend’ at said gas station without a car (remember he ‘ran off’ not ‘drove off’) and why was this not backed up – for example – by CCTV stills of the alleged ‘assault’ and even then, is there any actual evidence that the six individuals were actually ‘masked right-wing extremist thugs’?

Or maybe this is just an invention by ‘Abdirahman J.’ at the time because it fitted very nicely into the victim narrative that was foisted by the government’s collaborators in the media onto the racial detritus that had flooded into Germany in the wake of Angela Merkel’s opening of the gates to all and sundry in 2015. There is no evidence presented of the attack let alone that it was ‘right-wing extremists’ who carried it out.

Also even Stern admits that ‘Abdirahman J.’ was already threatening and attacking people with knives as early as 2015 as well as being quite capable of telling lies to suit his personal and political purposes at this early stage.

The interesting thing about all this is not ‘Abdirahman J.’ himself nor his ‘radicalization’ but rather the desperate response from the liberal-left German establishment and its collaborators in the media in trying to saddle ‘Neo-Nazis’ – rather than their non-white pets - with the blame for the Würzburg terrorist stabbing as well as the three deaths that resulted from it.

The logic they use is simply this: if ‘Abdirahman J.’ – and presumably the unnamed ‘Afghan friend’ – had not been ‘beaten up’ by ‘neo-Nazis’ then he would now love Germany, have embraced German culture and society, gotten a job (perhaps as one of Merkel’s imaginary ‘engineers’?) and become a productive law-abiding tax-paying member of German society.

This is – of course – a bunch of old codswallop precisely because a dog born in a stable is not a horse and ‘Abdirahman J.’ remains a Somali whatever else he does and is not likely to be able to fit into an Aryan society – or want to for that matter – and there are plenty of other immigrants – presumably like his unnamed ‘Afghan friend’ who don’t ‘fit in’ or accept German culture and society but yet still work and pay their taxes (sort of).

The fact is that when you import the Third World into Germany – or any Aryan nation for that matter – you just get the Third World in Germany they don’t magically become or start behaving like Aryans (aka Magic Dirt Theory otherwise known as Non-Racial Nationalism) and it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘Neo-Nazis’ because ‘Neo-Nazis’ didn’t force ‘Abdirahman J.’ to go on a stab-a-thon in Würzburg any more than I am forced to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks after my morning walk.

What ‘Neo-Nazis’ are is the immune response of the Aryan race to foreign bacteria and viruses (non-Aryans and anti-Aryan ideas respectively) that are assailing Germany and its people. Instead of praising German ‘Neo-Nazis’ for putting the national interest before their individual interest; the liberal-left German establishment and its collaborators in the media instead – as representations and carriers of the foreign bacteria and viruses afflicting the German body politick – decides to blame the response of the national immune system rather than the foreign bacteria and viruses themselves.