Good News!: Texas to Deregulate Handguns

Good News!: Texas to Deregulate Handguns

In some much-needed good news in the current effort to outdo Sodom and Gomorrah in the United States. ‘Russia Today’ has detailed the laudable efforts of the Texan legislature to take the state back to its roots of the permit-less open carry of handguns:

‘Texans will soon be permitted to carry handguns without a license, with Governor Greg Abbott signing a bill into law that scraps most of the state’s permit requirements despite vocal opposition from police groups and the public.

After passing through the state Senate late last month, Abbott put his name to HB 1927 on Wednesday, legalizing what proponents call “Constitutional Carry,” which allows residents to possess pistols with no license or mandatory training.

While the law exempts those already prohibited to carry firearms under state or federal law, such as convicted felons, all other state residents aged 21 and up will be free to tote handguns, openly or concealed, once the legislation takes effect on September 1.’

While a related House Bill (HB 2622 if you are interested) has been successfully pushed through to make Texas a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ that means – to translate legalese into English – the federal government (dominated by the jews surrounding Joe Biden) cannot legally impose its proposed attempt to impose gun control over the entire United States.

Predictably this has upset some of the Texan police forces:

‘A group of five police orgs led by the Dallas Police Association lobbied strongly against the bill, though ultimately compromised after state Senators included a number of amendments to the law to address their concerns, which largely centered on officer safety. Without the amendments, the groups said “many dangerous and unstable Texans will have unfettered access to weapons and face little or no punishment when apprehended.”’

Basically they are repeating the same argument – albeit in reverse – of the Libertarian Pro-Gun crowd which points out (correctly as it happens) that the police want to be the only ones other than the military who can legally carry firearms, because they know that if the people you are arresting can fight back then it gets a hell of a lot more dangerous to arrest them and acts as a block to the federal government imposing such horrors as ‘thought crime’ and ‘hate crime’ laws on the people.

The reality is of course that Texans should be all for the permit-less open carry of handguns as this is the only way they are going to be able to protect themselves from the ongoing invasion of Texas and displacement of the native Texans by Mexicans and other human detritus from Central and South America. After all this would allow the native Texans more effectively deal with criminals – of any race mind you – that would harm them and the people of their good state without having to tax police resources or engage in the expensive and pointlessly bureaucratic drudgery of the law courts in the United States.

If the Dallas Police Association really wanted to help their officers out. They should not worry too much about the consequences of the permit-less open carry of handguns and more on lobbying for the deportation of as many Mexicans and other Central and South Americans as possible and then the building of a large wall manned by well-armed Border Control units between Mexico and the United States to prevent any more pouring over.

Then they wouldn’t be dealing with nearly as much ‘immigrant-related crime’, nuisance issues with ‘undocumented youth’ or the brutal cartel-related activity for a start.

Amazing what happens when you solve the root cause rather than try to treat the symptoms: isn’t it?