Gook gets Assaulted in Vancouver and the Media Declare it to be a ‘Hate Crime’

Gook gets Assaulted in Vancouver and the Media Declare it to be a ‘Hate Crime’

Khier Casino – who is apparently a Filipino sodomite - writing for ‘Nextshark’ has talked about how an Asian woman has been physically assaulted by a white man in the city of Vancouver, Canada and how this is apparently being treated as a ‘hate crime’ unless proven otherwise.

He writes how:

‘Police in Vancouver, Canada, are seeking the public’s help to identify a man involved in an “unprovoked and random” attack on a young Asian woman on New Year’s Eve.

Surveillance footage released by the Vancouver Police Department shows the 22-year-old woman strolling outside of Hotel Georgia on West Georgia Street when the man walking in the opposite direction grabs her at around 3:30 p.m.

“This is a very concerning incident,” Const. Tania Visintin told the                Vancouver Sun. “The victim was just walking down the street minding her own [business] when it occurred.”

The young woman can be seen on camera being thrown against the wall outside of the hotel and held down, but police said she managed to break away from the attacker. It has not been determined if the attack was racially motivated.

“This video clearly shows the unprovoked and random nature of this disturbing attack,” Visintin said. “Unfortunately, these types of incidents are happening more often in the city, and it’s led to many people feeling less safe when they’re alone in public.”

The suspect was last seen walking east on West Georgia Street                   immediately after the incident and is described as a white, middle-aged man wearing gray pants, a black jacket over a black shirt that has a logo in the middle of it and a black toque. He was also carrying headphones as well as a blue bag.’

Now if Casino and his ilk had bothered to actually… you know… watch the footage of the attack then they’d know that there is no indication this is a ‘hate crime’ directed at the woman because she was a gook nor was there any reported comments by her or any witnesses that would suggest such a line of reasoning.

Indeed, if the attacker had been – for instance - a black woman rather than a white man then both Casino and the police wouldn’t be seeking to imply or use weasel words to suggest it ‘might have been racially motivated’ (by that theory ‘might have also been back the gook had the wrong colour top on’ by virtue of the same logic) but instead take the far more reasonable viewpoint that ‘a white man assaulted an Asian woman for no obvious reason’ and that Vancouver police are trying to identify and locate him.

Yet that isn’t how they spin it: is it?

Instead, we are told that the white man is ispo facto racist because he is white and his victim non-white until such time as they can prove the opposite. This is just another example of the epidemic of official and shitskin racism towards white people as well as offers yet more evidence – if you needed more – than the Canadian government fundamentally hates its own white creators and citizens.