Greece Quietly Adopts Nationalist Immigration Policies and the EU is Very Upset

Greece Quietly Adopts Nationalist Immigration Policies and the EU is Very Upset

The European Union (EU) is angry with Greece again.

No, this time it isn’t about the Greek economy and the various multi-billion Euro loans – primarily from France and Germany – that have been propping up the ailing Greek economy and preventing the Golden Dawn from taking power for almost a decade now.

Instead, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been quietly implementing mass deportation policies – which they are referring to as ‘pushbacks’ - that were pioneered on an industrial scale by National Socialism to solve migration and population issues.

Hence the BBC is reporting that:

‘A top EU official has told the BBC that the Greek government must stop the illegal deportation of migrants arriving on the country’s borders.

The Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansonn, said that the “very well founded” reports of 'pushbacks' at sea and on land were “violations of fundamental European values".

Human rights groups allege that thousands of people seeking asylum in Europe have been pushed back from Greece to Turkey before being given a chance to apply for asylum.’

The ‘well-founded reports’ is typical liberal-left apparatchik weasel words for ‘a left-wing think tank/lobbying group claims that’ – in this case ‘Amnesty International’  - and who have never met a shitskin they didn’t think was a future scientific genius or budding tech entrepreneur.

What both ‘Amnesty International’ and Ylva Johansonn are actually saying is that: Greece does not have a right to police its borders and set its own immigration policies as a national state because they conflict with their co-morbid desires to ethnically cleanse Aryans from their European homelands and to create a European superstate via the backdoor.

This isn’t the first bout of bitching on this general subject as ‘France 24’ and ‘Politico’ already covered this a few days ago with Jacopo Barigazzi noting in ‘Politico’ that the principal criminals in this genocidal effort to create a European analogue to Brazil are the traitorous governments of France and Germany.

What is interesting however is how the governments of France and Germany are pushing to continue ethnically cleansing Europe – with the usual empty moralistic shrieking about ‘human rights’ (which requires the migrants to be viewed as human: doesn’t it?) – by the backdoor which also makes sense of why the UK is also reporting a massive wave of shitskin migrants flooding in on inflatables from France (so much so that the local county council has refused to deal with any more migrants as it simply cannot cope) when the continent is supposedly ‘locked down’ due to Kung Flu.

This is inline with President Macron having almost completely lost control of large sections of major French cities to Muslim crime gangs and wannabe jihadis (as well as trying to garner the Islamic vote) and also jives with Chancellor Merkel’s famous 2015 ‘everyone come to Europe’ immigration policy as well as her current one.

The irony of this globalist ‘kill whitey’ policy is that wherever the shitskins have arrived in force and overwhelmed the state’s ability to process and support them (as well as then continued to suckle on the state’s tit while demanding more and more privileges and money) – such as Sweden and now Greece – then the state’s survival instinct kicks in and it tries to quietly implement more draconian policies but is actively prevented from doing so by both its ideologically traitorous Fourth Estate (i.e. the media and the chattering liberal class that staff it) and other countries that have more carrying capacity (and have yet to go into an overt economic and social death spiral) virtue signalling about how wonderous the rampaging hordes of shitskins… sorry ‘refugees’… supposedly are.

This is what is coming to more European countries as the unwashed brown hordes of Africa and Asia try to smash through the modern Thermopylae that is the territory of the Greeks.

The question is not if the full-scale mass deportation and boat sinking that the Fourth Reich would immediately implement will be but rather simply when. The capacity of Europe to carry these brown hordes on it is decreasing rapidly by the day and some day in the years to come it will all come to tears and, on that day, the staff of ‘Amnesty International’ as well as Ylva Johansonn, President Macron and Chancellor Merkel will find themselves in the dock on trial for their lives due to their war crimes against the Aryan race.