Greek Cypriot Convert Admits to Islamic State Support in the UK

Greek Cypriot Convert Admits to Islamic State Support in the UK

According to the BBC a Greek Cypriot convert to Islam – for the record he doesn’t look either Greek or a Cypriot but rather some kind of Turkish/Arab mongrel – named Stefan Aristidou has admitted to four counts of terrorism-related charges in the UK.

They write how:

‘A British man who went to Syria to join the Islamic State (IS) group has admitted sharing beheading videos.

Stefan Aristidou, 27, entered guilty pleas to four terrorism offences at the Old Bailey and will be sentenced in September.

BBC research reveals he is the 14th person convicted of terror charges out of hundreds who returned from Syria after joining jihadist groups.

The research shows only 3% of returnees have been convicted of such offences.

Aristidou, from Enfield in north London, travelled to Syria in April 2015 with Kolsoma Begum, whom he had married shortly before.

The pair were reported missing by concerned family members.

Aristidou, who is of Cypriot origin, is a convert to Islam.

The couple spent time living in Raqqa - then the "capital" of Islamic State's self-declared caliphate - and had a baby while living in Syria.

They were later arrested crossing into Turkey in April 2017.

Both were convicted in a Turkish court in October 2018 of being part of IS.

They were each sentenced to more than six years in prison, although Kolsoma Begum was convicted in her absence having already been             returned to the UK with their child.

Aristidou was deported in February this year and arrested on arrival at Heathrow airport.

He had a phone with him which had not been used since before his arrest in Turkey in April 2017.

It contained text exchanges with his wife, ending with him saying he was "giving self into Kuffar" - or non-Muslims.

The four offences Aristidou has now admitted were committed in 2014 before he went to Syria, when he had sent other people IS videos depicting public executions and beheadings.

He pleaded not guilty to three similar offences and prosecutors will ask for these charges to be left to lie on file.’

Now there is not too much to talk about here but rather to observe two things:

Firstly, that this provides some evidence of why Islam is both an ideology-cum-religion hostile to both National Socialism as well as the Aryan race in general. While Aristidou isn’t an Aryan he was clearly brought up around Aryans or at the very least in a broadly Aryan culture so his case is applicable especially as white converts to Islam are not unknown.

This is because Islam is an explicitly universalist ideology-cum-religion that recognizes no racial differences and doesn’t even have a racially-based theological tradition – which say what you like about Christianity it does have (Catholics had ‘limpieza de sangre’ and Protestantism had its explicit endorsement of slavery and white supremacy for example) – and explicitly encourages race-mixing.

We can see this in Aristidou’s case as he immediately married a Paki of some description and then attempted to bugger off to Syria via Turkey (self-deportation is always laudatory) to kill as many people as he could in the name of Islam.

Aristidou killing Arabs and Turks is fine – I mean who cares if some shitskins slaughters another shitskin? – but the key here is that Aristidou could easily have begun his ‘war against the Kuffar’ in Britain or Europe. It so happened he decided to go to Syria to engage in jihad rather than stay in Europe.

Had he done so then he could well have become yet another Islamic terrorist going on a stab-a-thon with or without the obligatory truck of peace. Hence Islam must be viewed as a subversive anti-Aryan ideology-cum-religion and banned with extreme prejudice (along with its all believers) from Aryan lands.

Secondly, note that very few Muslims who voluntarily left the UK to serve the genocidal Islamic State regime have been prosecuted by the state which has been more activein prosecuting those who volunteered to fight Islamic State.

Compare this to how much the British state actively persecutes so-called ‘far-right extremists’ and you can see who the British government really hates, and it isn’t Islamists but rather anyone who wants Britain to remain and forever be British not Britistan.

The truth is simple my friends.

The state wrongly believes that Islam is no real threat to it but sees anyone on the right – and particularly National Socialists – as the real threat because they don’t fear a bunch of camel drivers, but they do fear the serried disciplined ranks of Aryandom.