Hang Hashem Abedi!

Hang Hashem Abedi!

One thing about modernity that I find difficult to understand is its absolute aversion to capital punishment. The ‘arguments’ against it are quite frankly poor in the main and almost exclusively rely on the suggestion of ‘possible innocence’ – which assumes courts and legal systems are inherently corrupt (they aren’t) – and also that nebulous nonsense called ‘human rights’.

Take the case of Hashem Abedi who helped his brother Salman Abedi prepare and carry out the Manchester Arena Bombing on 22nd May 2017 that killed 22 – including an eight year old Aryan girl – and injured 1,017 (largely as a result of the stampede caused by the bomb going off) and is now apparently ‘refusing deradicalization’.

Aside from the lunacy of getting upset that someone is ‘refusing deradicalization’ – which is an utterly Orwellian turn of phrase as it makes it sound like ‘deradicalization’ is akin to something like food when it is actually just a sophism for ‘ideological reconditioning’ – the fact that a Libyan like Hashem Abedi is both squatting in the UK and is to be provided for materially, emotionally and spiritually throughout the rest of his life while the ‘British’ government seeks to ‘convert’ (aka ‘deradicalize’) him to the supposed wonders of globalhomo is pure lunacy.

Why on earth would anyone want to pay thousands of pounds every year to house, feed and entertain (as well as apparently convert) a convicted terrorist who isn’t even British?

As far as I can see there is no argument of ‘possible innocence’ for Abedi as even if he didn’t support his brother’s slaughter of Aryan women and children then he also did nothing to stop or report it. Even then he doesn’t even belong in the UK as he is a Libyan and if the UK had a British government rather than a Kike-Pajeet run plutocracy then there wouldn’t have been a bombing in the first place as there wouldn’t be random Libyans wandering around the city of Manchester.

Thus, the only argument for keeping this murderous cretin alive are his so-called ‘human rights’ which necessarily assumes that the only times that ‘human rights’ actually matter is when some shitskin goes off the reservation and starts murdering, raping, looting and pillaging Aryans. These ‘human rights’ didn’t apply to Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis for example but they do whenever a shitskin does something obviously illegal but the System doesn’t want to execute its pets.

Abedi is one of those pets, since what is actually achieved by keeping him alive?

Conversely what is achieved by slipping a nose around his neck and forwarding him to his much-desired eternal date with his 72 raisins in Jannah?

Quite a lot.

The British taxpayer would save tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, a much-needed prison cell would be freed up and the victims of the Manchester Arena Bombing would get cathartic justice.

‘Human rights’ do no exist anywhere but in the heads of liberals, leftists and so-called ‘principled conservatives’ – as political philosophers as diverse as Plato, Hobbes, de Maistre and Nietzsche have long pointed out - who think that somehow metaphysical speculation trumps nature because they’ve never been in a situation where human beings actually… shall we say… go feral and revert back to their unfiltered nature. Then different priorities become very real all of a sudden.

A great example of this moronic mentality is exhibited by the journalist Benjamin Cook when replying to libertarian and fellow journalist Tom Harwood about why ‘hanging Abedi is wrong’ stated that ‘bizarre and medieval opinion’ and ‘is that your answer to everything?’

Just because Cook views something as ‘bizarre and medieval’ is not an argument about why it is wrong nor about why it should not be done. It is just a rhetorical attempt to distract from the fact that he has no argument by playing on emotions instead and the statement ‘is that your answer to everything?’ is another bit of rhetorical piss and wind.

After all, is not executing people for crimes an answer to all crime?

Why yes, it is.

Does Cook like it?


But it does solve the problem rather than sticking your head in the sand and behaving like an Ostrich.

So therefore, there is no reason not to hang Abedi and every reason and benefit to stringing him up immediately.