High-Level Facebook Employee Outed as a Child Molesting Sodomite

High-Level Facebook Employee Outed as a Child Molesting Sodomite

According to Nicole Wells writing for ‘Newsmax’ we learn that:

‘A high-level Facebook employee was fired after he was caught allegedly grooming a supposed 13-year-old boy in a vigilante pedophile sting             operation last week.

Jeren Miles, a 35-year-old community development manager for             Facebook's parent company Meta, allegedly arranged to meet 13-year-old    Corey in a Columbus, Ohio, hotel room after exchanging sexually explicit messages on Facebook Messenger, the Daily Mail reports.

"Corey" was actually a decoy account set up by the vigilante                 pedophile-hunting group Predator Catchers Indianapolis (PCI). Members of the group showed up at Miles' hotel room Wednesday night and               livestreamed him confessing to sending the messages on Facebook.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that Facebook fired Miles and launched an internal investigation after the video went viral.

"The seriousness of these allegations cannot be overstated," a Facebook spokesperson told the DCNF. "The individual is no longer employed with the company. We are actively investigating this situation and cannot provide further comment at this time."

PCI told the Mail that police have not yet responded to the evidence it submitted against Miles.

Group member Shanda Nolley told the news outlet that she has submitted evidence to both the Columbus Police Department and to police in Miles' home of Palm Springs, California, but has gotten no response from law enforcement.

"Nothing has been reported to us with that name," Palm Springs police spokesman Mike Casavan told the Mail.

Nolley sent a screenshot to the Mail of an email she sent to PSPD officer Miguel Torres reporting the alleged grooming and sharing the messages with the police department.

Nolley said she works with about 15 volunteers who have allegedly               exposed approximately 200 pedophiles since the group was founded in March 2020.

She told the Mail that all of PCI's members are unpaid volunteers and the group's operations are funded by donations.

PCI's YouTube channel has also been flagged for breaching its terms of use, Nolley said.

"After all this went down, we got two strikes on our main YouTube               channel," she said. "We get one more strike and they delete the channel. It's hard for us to find platforms where we can share this information. We're trying to educate communities and bring awareness to this issue."’

Predictably Miles also took down all his social media accounts after being outed and while it is not remotely surprising that yet another sodomite has been outed as a child molester (of which there are multiple examples across the world).

What is of interest to us is how quickly jew-owned YouTube – no doubt at jew-owned Facebook… sorry… ‘Meta’s’ request – all but took down Predator Catchers Indianapolis’ channel claiming it ‘breached their terms of use’ when as far as I can work out: it doesn’t.

Yet because it is a sodomite who then worked for a fellow jew-owned Big Tech company all of a sudden YouTube – notorious for both its inaction over anti-white hate on its platform and for deleting any channel that doesn’t have a liberal-left wing political slant – lurches into furious action and penalizes Predator Catchers Indianapolis for performing a public service and doing the job the police force should be doing… if they weren’t defunded and told they aren’t allowed to arrest rampaging feral niggers unless they really have to.

That is the world we live in: a sodomite child molester has more rights on the internet than a law-abiding nationalist.

Well at least we know who the System fears and whom it wishes to support.