Hungary Penalized for having Nationalist Fans

Hungary Penalized for having Nationalist Fans

According to ‘Hungarian Football’ the virtue-signalling cucks at UEFA have penalized the Hungarian national football team for daring to have nationalist fans.

They write how:

‘UEFA have announced on their website that Hungary will have to play 3 games behind closed doors in their next UEFA Competition games. They will only play 2 of the 3 games behind closed doors, with the 3rd game being suspended for 2 years.

Hungary were referred to the UEFA Control Ethics and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) following allegations that during the the Hungary v Portugal game Cristiano Ronaldo was called a homosexual and during the Hungary v France game, French players Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema were subjected to monkey chants. Interestingly both players, along with their team mate, Lucas Digne, have stated that they did not hear any such chants at any time during the game. The allegations appear to focus on the alleged conduct of the “Carpathian Brigade” ultra fans group only and not the Hungary fans as a whole.

Hungary have also been fined €100,000 and ordered to display a banner during the behind closed door matches, with with the wording “#EqualGame”, and with the UEFA logo on it.’

I mean they called Cristiano Ronaldo a faggot – he isn’t as far as I know since he is married to the Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez – so fucking what?

It is football banter.

Get. Over. It.

Oh but no the Hungarian’s real offence was that they allegedly made monkey noises at the two niggers playing for France named Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe – who didn’t even hear or notice anything to get ‘offended’ by – and we are not told how UEFA knew this or how it substantiated the allegations or even particularly knew to charge the ‘Carpathian Brigade’ with doing so.

Also notice how this is an allegation not a substantiated charge against Hungary and they have been fined regardless by UEFA.

Nor are we told who got ‘offended’ or is this just a case of UEFA being ‘offended’ on behalf of Benzema and Mbappe – who shouldn’t have been playing in Euro 2020 anyway as they aren’t European any more than Lucas Digne is Chinese – and wanting to be seen as following the appropriate political line to continue to attack Viktor Orban’s government democratically-enacted legislation banning sodomites from trying to induce pre-teenage children and toddlers to ‘identify as homosexual’.

Happily the Hungarian government has basically told UEFA to fuck off concerning this and has shown more proverbial balls than pretty much the entire of continent’s football teams in dealing with this politically-motivated attack on their country’s beloved national side.