In Memoriam: Jurgen Conings

In Memoriam: Jurgen Conings

It turns out that the ‘Flemish Rambo’ aka Jurgen Conings is dead as his body has been discovered by accident in woodland. This is sad ending for a manhunt that gripped Belgium and Europe more generally generating massive support for him and his preferred political party ‘Vlaams Belang’.

With this confirmed – and we have no reason to suspect it isn’t true – then we would remiss if we didn’t take a moment to note what Conings achieved by doing what he did. Yes he stole various weapons from the Belgian military – including four anti-tank missile launchers - and no he shouldn’t have done so but at the same time in so doing and then making off into the Belgian countryside. He has achieved far more for his people than he ever would have had he simply just assassinated Belgium’s ‘top virologist’ Marc Van Ranst because this latter act would have generated sympathy for Ranst and his masters.

In hiding out in the woods and successfully evading hundreds of Belgian troops and causing the Belgian government to spend over 650,000 Euros looking for him in a modern game of hide and seek. He both became a modern-day Robin Hood but also a symbol behind which the Belgian people could rally against their government’s tyrannical rule via the medium of unelected and unaccountable ‘experts’ like Van Ranst.

And yet all Conings is actually guilty of is being a soldier who went AWOL and stole property from the military. He didn’t kill anyone, and he also didn’t even hurt anyone but yet in so doing he acted as a gigantic fuck you to the System and gave voice to the cry of Resistance from the Belgian people.

Thus in an irony of ironies it is people like Marc Van Ranst – who has been busy spitting on Coning’s grave in a typical fit of false bravado for a man who until recently was regularly soiling adult diapers at the thought of someone holding him physically accountable for his actions and decisions – who come out of this looking absolutely awful where-as Conings has come out of it as a popular hero even in death.

RIP Jurgen.