Iranian Sexually Molests Woman in UK

Iranian Sexually Molests Woman in UK

Neil Docking writing in the ‘Liverpool Echo’ describes how an Iranian Muslim – who for some inexplicable reason is living in the UK – sexually assaulted a woman in 2019 (notice how backed up British courts are) who claimed she was his friend.

He writes how:

‘A woman's supposed friend punched and kicked her when she refused to perform a sex act on him.

Mohammad Keneshlou told his victim he was "sad" and tried to hug and kiss her after an evening drinking.

The woman told him to stop, said she was married and even rang her husband to make clear she wasn't interested.

But 28-year-old Keneshlou, of Rocky Lane, Anfield, exposed himself and then pushed the woman's head towards him.

Liverpool Crown Court today heard she only escaped after biting him on the hand and screaming to alert neighbours.

Nicola Daley, prosecuting, said Keneshlou and the woman went for a walk to a park in Liverpool one evening in 2019.

They then went to her accommodation, where they had some drinks, before going to her room.

Ms Daley said the victim accepted that when Keneshlou said he was sad and lay down on her bed, she lay down next to him.

However, when he tried to kiss her and rub his clothed genital region against her she told him to stop and pushed him away.

The court heard she rang her husband to tell him she loved him, because she wanted Keneshlou to realise she was serious.

Ms Daley said Keneshlou pulled her back onto the bed and tried to hug and kiss her, then exposed himself.

She said: "He was pleading with her to give him oral sex. She refused and he initially tried to push her head towards his penis, but then she refused again and so he punched her to the face."

The woman again refused and he punched her again and kicked her, as she tried to fight back and screamed.

Neighbours responded to her cries, she ran out of her room and police were called, before she was taken to hospital with swelling and bruising to her eyes, cheek and lips.’

It is perhaps unsurprising that such a thing occurred given that Keneshlou is an Iranian immigrant who obviously had a ‘sexual emergency’ and decided that his female friend – race unspecified - ‘needed’ to help him by immediately giving him a blow job.

Such behaviour from a sub-human is simply the norm these days but the woman here is also at fault as she took him back to her place, socialised with him and then took him to her bedroom. I mean she is married for a start so why the fuck was Keneshlou in her bedroom in the first place – he could have just laid down on the couch if he was tired – and it all reeks of her leading the Iranian with a ‘sexual emergency’ on to a degree and then pulling out (pun intended) at the last minute.

Whatever happens the Iranian Muslim needs deporting – as why the fuck should Britain be housing Iranian ‘refugees’ – back to Iran so the Mullahs can deal with him and the husband of the woman involved needs to immediately leave her citing adultery with Keneshlou as a named person.

The Coming Fourth Reich has no place in it for random ‘Iranian refugees’ or clueless whores.