Iraqi Muslim Sacrifices Two Negresses to Satan and Journalists Claim He Was a Nazi

Iraqi Muslim Sacrifices Two Negresses to Satan and Journalists Claim He Was a Nazi

In one of the most bizarre cases I have seen in years; an Iraqi Muslim named Danyal Hussein has sacrificed two black sisters named Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman in Wembley, London.

To quote the BBC’s coverage of the case:

‘A man who stabbed two sisters at random in a supposed demonic pact - a "sacrifice" he seemingly believed would enable him to win the lottery - has been found guilty of their murder.

Danyal Hussein, 19, killed Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman at Fryent Country Park in Wembley on 6 June 2020.

He repeatedly stabbed them after a birthday party for Ms Henry.

Their bodies were found there by Ms Smallman's boyfriend the day after they had been reported missing to police.’

Further we learn that:

‘In his bedroom, they found three lottery tickets folded inside a letter signed in blood. In it, Hussein promised to sacrifice six women every six months in exchange for winning the Mega Millions Super Jackpot.

Over the 10 days following the killings, he spent more than £160 on lottery tickets and bets, all without success.

In another note found in his room, Hussein offered blood to "demon Queen Byleth" in exchange for making a girl at his school fall in love with him.’

In addition to this; the Iraqi Satanist then ‘dragged their bodies to a hedge before leaving them "carefully placed" in an entwined position’.

So far so good but then all a sudden the journalists go into full batshit crazy mode and start talking about how:

‘It can be reported for the first time that Hussein had previously been referred by his school to the government's counter-extremism programme, Prevent.

In October 2017, aged 15, he was referred to the de-radicalisation scheme because of content he had accessed on school computers, including               far-right material.

Hussein had a long-standing interest in mythology, Satanism, and the occult.

He was put on the "Channel programme" - for the most concerning     Prevent cases - which discharged him in 2018, although he was seen again    six and 12 months later.

   Channel involves a multi-agency panel responsible for assessing the risk posed by a referred person. The programme is then charged with      developing a support plan for the individual concerned.’

Now again this isn’t too surprising given that the ‘Read Siege!’ crowd of edge lords LARPed their way into full blown Satanism several years ago and have kind of been there ever since between being arrested for terrorism and becoming jihadis. It is also worth noting that quite a few of them were subsequently outed as socially retarded mischlinge.

Naturally the globalhomo-supporting jew-dominated BBC probably doesn’t know and certainly doesn’t care about such important contextual details, but instead imply the Iraqi Satanist was affiliated with the ‘far right’ in some way and as a result was referred to the UK government’s ‘Prevent’ and then the ‘Channel’ ‘de-radicalization’ (aka state brainwashing) programs rather than the fact that he was referred to ‘Prevent’ and then ‘Channel’ because he was accessing Satanist content on school computers; some of which was put out by mixed-race retards worshipping Satan and also using National Socialist imagery and symbolism at the same time.

However, the absolute queen of batshit crazy has to be the journalist Stephanie Wareham – complete with problem glasses no less – writing for the ‘Bucks Free Press’.

She breathlessly talks about how:

‘Following his arrest, police found Hussein had communication with others about demons and love potions, and carried out online research about the far-right and Norse mythology.

But the depths of his cult-like ideology remain unknown because Hussein refused to hand over his passwords for his iPad.’

So far so good as this is fairly standard stuff for any teenager going through an ‘occult’ phase – quite a lot of teenager girls for example read ‘Witchcraft Today’ by the nudist weirdo Gerald Gardner, acquire a ‘Book of Shadows’ and then start trying to cast Wiccan spells and make ‘potions’ in their bedrooms – but oh wait… what does Wareham mean about a ‘cult-like ideology’?

After all, if the police don’t know what is on said iPad then how does she?

But that doesn’t stop Wareham suggesting that the Iraqi Satanist is actually a ‘Nazi’ – isn’t that as patently ludicrous as me calling Wareham a ‘Black Supremacist’? – and targeted the two niggers because they were… err… niggers, because you know ‘Black Lives Matter’ has to be shoehorned in literally everywhere.

She writes:

‘Police said they could not rule out a racist element to the selection of Hussein’s victims, even though he just referred to women in his demonic pact.’

Okay so let me translate that out of demi-educated journalist weasel speak for you:

‘Police said they cannot rule out Hussein wanting to sacrifice black women to Satan but the fact that he just referred to women rather than black women suggests that he wasn’t actually racist or targeting black women at all, but if I talk about racism then I look like I am not racist and can build my Black Lives Matter journalistic portfolio’.

Sometimes I genuinely wonder how people can even read the average journalist these days as they are literal purveyors of fake news aka ideological click bait.

May the Iraqi Islamic Satanist rot in hell or preferably back in Iraq where I am sure the local Sunni authorities want a word about his worship of Shaitan.