Iraqi Shitskins Arrested in ‘Honour Kidnapping’ in Arizona

Iraqi Shitskins Arrested in ‘Honour Kidnapping’ in Arizona

According to Richard Moorhead writing for ‘Big League Politics’ six Iraqi shitskins have been arrested in Peoria, Arizona after kidnapping their 20-year-old pregnant daughter/sister because her baby daddy wasn’t a Muslim.

He writes how:

‘Peoria, Arizona police arrested six members of an Iraqi family for an alleged kidnapping plot targeting a relative in a relationship with a             non-Muslim man last month, in an incident familiar to accounts of ‘honor killings’ in Europe and America.

Six members of the Alfartousi family are accused of attempting to kidnap a 20-year old pregnant relative on several occasions, with police suspecting they intended to send the victim back to Iraq. In an incident at a medical facility in Avondale, Arizona, the victim of the alleged plot describes being ambushed, with her relatives taking her purse, phone and her boyfriend’s gun.

The alleged attempted kidnapping involved the young woman’s father, her mother, a sister and three brothers.

In an earlier incident at a hotel, the victim’s brother allegedly grabbed her in a bear hug, only relenting when her boyfriend confronted him with a gun. In court documents, the victim’s boyfriend also recounts receiving threatening voicemails from the victim’s brother, in which he threatened to kidnap the boyfriend’s 15-year old sister.’

In other words – as I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – the ‘magic dirt’ theory of nationhood whereby if you merely transplant a shitskin from bongo bongo haji land to Arizona in this case that all of a sudden they stop being a low IQ shitskin and transform – a-la the ‘magic water’ theory of nationhood promoted by many so-called ‘Conservatives’ who claim Christianity as ideological inspiration – into the equivalent of an Aryan engineer, scientist, housewife and/or entrepreneur.

The idiocy behind this is both obvious and tangible to anyone who has bothered to leave their nearly one hundred percent white gated communities and driven through a black, latino or even an Asian neighbourhood.

These people do not contribute, they will not contribute, and you are a fucking idiot if you continue to think otherwise at this point.

Send them back to where they came from and make America Aryan again.