Jamaica tries to ‘Demand’ ‘Reparations’ for Slavery from Great Britain

Jamaica tries to ‘Demand’ ‘Reparations’ for Slavery from Great Britain

The whole ‘Reparations for Slavery’ malarky has been raising its head repeatedly over the last few years – much like how Greece has repeatedly tried to demand reparations from Germany for the Second World War so it wouldn’t have to repay Germany’s hundred-billion-dollar loans to bail out the Greek government – and one of the most under-reported elements of this has been the attempt by nigger-run banana republics – in this case Jamaica – to get billions upon billions of dollars in ‘reparations for slavery’ to either clear their national debt or give themselves some spending money.

In this latest attempt – which was last tried in 2015 and predictably failed to even remotely get off the ground – the Jamaican government is trying to sue Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of the British Commonwealth (aka the old British Empire) by using the Jamaican court system for ‘billions’ in such ‘reparations’. Leaving aside the fact that the British tax payers actually paid something like a trillion British pounds in today’s money to free all the slaves in Jamaica – a forty percent charge against the entire British budget for the year 1833 - which the British government only finished paying off in 2015.

Now all this would be laughable if we weren’t in the middle of the most ludicrous political and social upheaval of the last several millennia with every kind of societal norm and form being ridiculed and claimed to be ‘racist’ and/or ‘sexist’ in some form and in need of being discarded. If the British government in 1833 had seen what ludicrousness their decision – based purely on their contemporary views on the morality of the slave trade – then I rather think they wouldn’t have bothered and simply shipped all the ex-slaves back to deepest darkest Africa and rebuilt the colony of Jamaica as a British and Irish ethno-state like Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

If the British government wasn’t full of pajeets and kikes LARPing as the ‘New Britain’ then the current British government might take a far more active view in the matter and reminded the nigger-run banana republic that is Jamaica about how the masters actually are by sending a few navy ships over to Jamaica and shelling Kingston in an attempt to repeat the Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896.

But alas the British government is no longer either British nor much a government and spends it time appeasing rather than policing the wogs with a bit of old-fashioned gunboat diplomacy.