Jeffrey Dahmer: An Evolutionary Berserker

Jeffrey Dahmer: An Evolutionary Berserker

The American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous and successful serial killers of all time. He brutally tortured and murdered seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. What isn’t well-known is there is a broad and long-standing discussion in the literature on Dahmer about his racial attitudes this is because only three of his seventeen victims were White – to be specific these were Stephen Hicks, Steven Tuomi and Richard Guerrero – and the rest were some species of black or brown including one half-jew half-Puerto Rican sodomite named Jeremiah Weinberger. (1)

It is also interesting to note that Dahmer – who was of northern European ancestry – did display some racial attitudes that were derogatory to non-Whites. Yet this is also countered by the fact that he had sexual intercourse – Dahmer was a confirmed sodomite from his teenage years until his death – with most of his victims and often did some multiple times before he began his torture and killing ritual in which he tried to create ‘living zombies’.

When one considers this in the light of anthropology and evolutionary biology then we can see Dahmer as an evolutionary berserker who – as we know Dahmer’s psychosis appears to have been based in nature not nurture – actively sought to remove both sodomites and blacks from the mating pool. This can be seen as a form of kin selection whereby the local black and sodomite populations would due to Dahmer’s crimes become less likely to interfere with Dahmer’s northern European kin due to the fear that his crimes engendered. (2)

This type of evolutionary strategy is a form of the ‘War of Attrition’ scenario within Evolutionary Game Theory, which uses berserker behaviour – i.e. torture and extreme violence – to engender fear and terror in a target population – be they subjugator or subjugated – in order to facilitate advantage for their biological group. (3)

Dahmer may not have been effective in this regard, but that does not factor in to what Dahmer is in so far as one can be an evolutionary berserker without being an effective one. Had Dahmer publicized his crimes – as most serial killers tend to do – then we can say without doubt that the sheer terror that he would have engendered within Milwaukee’s black and sodomite population would have been almost unprecedented.

Despite protestations by Dahmer himself that race was never a factor in his crimes. (4) The fact that most of his victims were black or mixed race as well as his ready admission that he was very attracted to black/mixed race males – especially of a muscular type – suggests that it was actually a key factor within his target selection given that he also deliberately moved to a heavily black area of Milwaukee in order to pursue his murderous fantasies in the best (i.e. target rich) environment.

Add to that his White targets were either sodomites targeted early on while he was still residing with his grandmother in a White neighbourhood (i.e. Steven Tuomi and Richard Guerrero) or simply a target of opportunity as Stephen Hicks was when Dahmer picked him up while the former was hitchhiking to a rock concert (5) and we can reasonably say that we have disposed of the idea that Dahmer’s targeting was unrelated to race.

Therefore we cannot but help viewing Dahmer’s actions as those of an unsuccessful evolutionary berserker unleashed by evolution upon blacks and sodomites, which then allows us to acknowledge the existence of other such evolutionary berserkers by one racial group against another with differing levels of success.

In essence you can think of such race-based evolutionary berserkers as being less PG versions of the ‘Punisher’ called forth by a form of racial gestalt as a weapon in the eternal war that exists between the races.


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