Jews freak out over Swastika Instagram Filter

Jews freak out over Swastika Instagram Filter

When it comes to pointless and self-defeat storms in a teacup then jews really are in a league of their own.

The latest ‘anti-Semitism’ bit of hysteria surrounds the jewish-owned and run Instagram app because – according to Juliet Norman at the ‘New York Post’ – of the following:

‘“Old School,” which is featured in the app’s Effect Gallery, gives the impression that the selfie-taker’s skin is covered in tattoos — including snakes, a Native American headdress, the words “pray for me” and what appears to be a swastika.’

The reason this has all blown up is because a dried up thirty-something jewish wannabe whore in California named Sabrina Zohar has started kvetching about it – probably because she is hoping to build her Instagram following from a paltry 17,000 followers to help her clothing brand start up (sorry am I showing my cynicism?) – since to quote Norman once again:

‘Sabrina Zohar, 31, a California clothing designer with more than 17,000 followers on Instagram, tried out the filter and was left “speechless” when it made it appear as if she had the Nazi symbol inked on her arm.

“This s – – t has to end, not just for Jews but for everyone,” she wrote to her followers. “Hitler and then nazis is not a joke or passive topic so let’s stop pretending it’s okay.”

“I understand what the symbol stands for and the multiple meanings,” Zohar, who founded the loungewear brand Softwear, told The Post via email. “But as someone that is Jewish, it’s hard to be reminded of the symbol that is so in your face.”

Zohar, who reported the filter for featuring a hate symbol, still posted the image, urging followers to also report it.’

In essence Zohar is stating that all other meanings of the swastika – which is an ancient Aryan religious symbol found everywhere from Archaic Greece to the Scottish Highlands right over to the plains of Anatolia and Siberia (the creator herself did the whole ‘backwards swastika’ argument and even jew-owned Instagram thinks Zohar is being stupid) – are meaningless compared to how the jews feel about it and quite frankly – in her view – fuck all the goyim as their feelings simply don’t matter.

To quote Norman once again to confirm this ‘fuck the goyim’ attitude from Zohar:

‘And while the swastika originated as an emblem of peace in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism as early as 3000 BCE, Zohar said that the “majority of people know that symbol to represent one thing”: Nazi hate.

“In a world where we are so sensitive to so many things, why is this just casually included on a filter?” said Zohar. “We should all just be more aware of what is harmful to one another.”’

How about we say ‘fuck your feelings’ and those of all your hook-nosed kind Sabrina?