Joe Biden wants to Import ‘Thousands of Afghans’ to the United States

Joe Biden wants to Import ‘Thousands of Afghans’ to the United States

According to the ‘New York Times’ US President Joe Biden wants to import ‘thousands of former Afghan interpreters’ (and their families of course) into the United States because they ‘served the United States’ and have thus apparently gotten a free golden ticket to come here and ‘have a new life’.

Now I am sure this sounds like a fine and dandy idea to many people after all they served the United States at the risk of their lives so why shouldn’t they be rewarded with such a perk?

Well think of it this way: why were we in Afghanistan to begin with?

Osama bin Laden and 9/11.

How long have we been in Afghanistan fighting the locals aka the Taliban?

Twenty years.

Why were we there for so long?

To stabilize Afghanistan and make it Taliban-free.

What happened?

The Taliban are still around, still control territory and are now in essence winning by default – as the Viet Cong/Viet Minh did in the Vietnam War – because the US has failed to either chose ruthless destruction of an enemy or invested the resources to systematically take and hold ground going instead for something that is neither and ended up – once again – costing the US treasury a large amount of treasure and spilling large quantities of Aryan blood for no reason other than to make the world safe for Israel and ensure that a bunch of neo-conservatives – such as the late Dick Cheney - were paid well for their services.

The United States didn’t even get a colonial territory out of it for heaven’s sake and now Joe Biden wants to bring ‘thousands and thousands’ of Afghans back to the US mainland so they can become even more culturally isolated and produce plenty of domestic terrorism that is often characterized by second or even third generation immigrants into the West from Islamic countries. As they realize that all the material wealth in the world is not a substitute or even a palliative for actual happiness.

We were not in Afghanistan for American interests.

We did not go into Afghanistan to import ‘thousands and thousands’ of Afghans back into the United States so they could ‘have a better life’.

We shouldn’t have been in Afghanistan in the first place, but since we did. We shouldn’t be importing even more non-White migrants into the United States and creating a potential further problem with domestic terrorism in the future.

Instead, rather than repeating the errors of the Red Army in the 1980s; we should have and still have yet to militarize the US border with Mexico and begin a much bigger countrywide version of ‘Operation Wetback’ to begin the process of making America White Again.