John McAfee’s Widow Refuses to Accept Official ‘Suicide Story’

John McAfee’s Widow Refuses to Accept Official ‘Suicide Story’

According to Joshua Smith writing for the ‘Daily Star’; Janice McAfee – the negress wife of late tech entrepreneur, libertarian and degenerate John McAfee about whose rather suspicious death I wrote about at the time – has come out swinging against the official story that McAfee managed to hang himself in his Spanish prison in the city of Barcelona on 23rd June 2021.

Smith writes that:

‘In a tweet, Janice wrote: "The story of John's 'suicide' was already             prepared and presented to the public before I or his attorneys were even    notified of his death.

"Words cannot describe how enraged I am at the fact that I had to hear the news of John's death via a DM on Twitter. And now it's being conveniently reported that there was a 'suicide note' found in his pocket, something that was not mentioned when I collected John's belongings from the prison and another piece of information the media somehow got a hold of before myself and John's attorneys.

"I need answers and that will take time. The investigation into John's death is still ongoing but I will share what information I can, when I can.

"Until then, I do not accept the 'suicide' story that has been spread by the malignant cancer that is the MSM. They and their unnamed sources are not to be trusted."

McAfee's death was reported by Spanish newspaper El Pais just hours after the country's National Court approved his extradition to the US.’

The new information here is that there is now apparently a ‘suicide note’ that was found in McAfee’s pocket that wasn’t reported on at all until recently, which is again rather odd precisely because it is exactly the kind of pertinent detail that is usually released quickly to indicate a suicide and there is absolutely no reason – other than the worst of piss poor police work and governmental PR fumbling – for this to have been missed or not released to the media at the time unless it is simply not genuine and a careless afterthought.

Add to this the facts that:

‘Firstly, McAfee stated in a tweet on 15th October 2020 that: ‘Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine’ and now on             23rd June 2021 McAfee was – like Epstein – found hanged in his cell and   his death has been immediately touted as ‘suicide’ just like Epstein’s was.

Secondly McAfee’s lawyer Javier Villalba has stated that he saw no             indication or thoughts of suicide in McAfee.

Third McAfee’s wife Janice on 20th June 2021 ‘published a statement claiming that the US government wanted her husband to “die in prison” to “make an example of him for speaking out against corruption within their government agencies.”

“There is no hope for him ever having a fair trial in America because there is no longer any justice in America,” she declared, before concluding that the eight months her husband had spent in jail had been “hard on his overall health both mentally and physically.”’’

And there is an increasingly good (if circumstantial) case that – despite the shrieks of pseudo-sceptics in the ‘conspiracy theory debunking’ crowd – McAfee was indeed murdered in his Spanish prison cell in Barcelona in a similar manner to Jeffrey Epstein in New York.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the official and unofficial investigations to see how this develops.